Ben and Jerry Marketing

I would recommend Ken Yamada, the prospective licensee as a partner. This is as a result of Yamada’s interest in overseeing marketing and distribution of the products, unlike Seven-eleven that is just interested in distribution article writer. Yamada has also demonstrated considerable strength in that it has dealt with Ice-creams cups during some deliveries in Japan. Yamada is further ready to devise and orchestrate the initial launch of Ben & Jerry’s ice creams in the effort to take care of marketing and distribution. Yamada’s entrepreneurial spirit and marketing savvy can further be demonstrated by domineering the Domino’s pizza chain in the country content writer for hire. Choosing Yamada will make it possible for Ben and Jerry to have instant expertise in Japan’s unfamiliar market. Yamada further makes Foreign Direct Investment painless in that through the licensing offered, Ben & Jerry will be granted production rights theology assignment help. The license will thus bear the cost and risks that may be incurred in the new market (Hill, 2014, p.230). Ken Yamada will make Ben &Jerry’s ice-creams enter and adjust to the Japanese market successfully.

I would not recommend Seven-Eleven as they lack promotion of products in the market. Ben &Jerry’s product won’t be visible in their stores as they have extremely tiny stores that make it hard for new products to be discovered. Customers visiting Seven-Eleven stores are also used to certain products and won’t realize the new ice cream entry into the store.This is because Seven-Eleven makes no efforts on promoting new products freelance writer for hire. Marketing orders need to come from senior management; they are not given. Manufacturers are further required to work closely with Seven-eleven to help in the marketing of products which is not possible as seven-eleven manufacturers are far away computer science assignment help. Seven eleven seems promising, but Ben &Jerry’s aim in the new markets isn’t making profits initially; which they seem to have, but ensuring that Ben &Jerrys product find its way into the Japanese market Malaysia assignment help. Distributing the product may later turn out to be very difficult as it can be stipulated that Seven eleven might even cut off Ben and Jerry’s product if the products do not sell as expected in the stores. Ben & Jerry will thus not be as dominant as Haagen-Dazs has if Seven-Eleven is used.

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