Beneficial features of Dongchengelectric rotary hammer

Drilling is a must whether you are working on residential or commercial projects. Regular corded or cordless tools are invaluable. But, the popularity of power tools rapidly increases because it creates flawless, aesthetic, and high-quality results.


When you are drilling into concrete, brick, or granite, electric rotary hammers are the tool that eases your job and completes the task with precision. It is a drill that performs rotation and hammering actions. It breaks up the concrete as the bit rotates. It is designed for day-in and day-out use. You can drill holes with large diameters that are strong enough to hold up under repeated conditions. It performs well during work and gives you the best working experience.



While searching for the power tools online, visit Perfect Engineers. Our store provides all kinds of tools that perfectly fit all your tasks. We have Dongcheng electric rotary hammer in our store that comes with the right weight and vibration so that you can hold it easily to finish the job without any fatigue. It has a very impressive vibration control. Also, the powerful clutch system prevents violent wrenching when jams or snags occur. Powered with an auto lock on, it eliminates the need to actively keep the trigger depressed. Also, it lets you rotate and lock the chisel to get the exact bite you need.


With all the improvements in power tools, carbide technology has helped to deliver more efficiency. You get the recently added dust control feature in the Dongcheng rotary hammer. It clears the dust directly while drilling. It comes with a drilling diameter of 20 cm with an input of 500 w. Powered with numerous features to play with, buying it is comfortable, convenient, and safe to use. We have different rotary hammers that have different optimal drilling ranges. So, better to choose the size to get the job done. Powered with a safety clutch, it effectively protects your hands while you operate. It suppresses the vibration that comes with drilling or chipping concrete.


We strive to provide good quality products and services to our users. Dongcheng manufactures power tools and spare parts that are used widely in the construction industry. We aim to satisfy you by serving the products that meet your demands. It proves to be the best in all ways. Place your order now!

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