Benefit from the Services of Specialists in Pipework Fabrication: PT Pipe Fabrications

If you are looking for the best pipe fabrication services, PT Pipe Fabrications is the ultimate destination for you. It is a renowned fabrication company that offers the best services that will suit the needs of various industries in the field of manufacturing, process, construction and pharmaceutical. PT Pipe Fabrications had achieved the pinnacle of success with their roots spread all across the globe. PT Pipe Fabrications successfully served many breweries, power stations, paper mills, food processing businesses and many more. It is a trusted company that promises quality pipe fabrication services and continuously gaining the confidence of many customers by delivering the projects in a timely manner.

Whether the services are needed for transportation of finished goods or services related to water, PT Pipe Fabrications never fails to impress their clients with their work. They are very well-known for the high standard services that they are providing. All their technicians are highly knowledgeable and equipped with expertise and many years of experiences in Pipework fabrication. The different grades of pipework services that they are offering are as follow:

  • Carbon steel pipework fabrication
  • Stainless steel pipework fabrication
  • Dairy grade pipeline fabrications
  • Skids and modules that are fabricated

PT Pipe Fabrications established themselves by providing customers satisfaction. The firm produces small pipework sections, skids and vessels that are fabricated and a lot more. They follow the procedures affiliated with BS-EN-ISO- 15614 and ASME IX. Their welders are certified by ASME IX and BS EN 287 of class 1 and 2 standards for MMA and TIG pipe welding. They also follow well organized and systematic manufacturing processes. In addition, every details of the job that they perform are well recorded for references.

Apart from pipe fabrications, they also offer services like x-ray tests, ultrasonic testing and NDT testing. These services are customized according to the needs of the clients. The company focuses mainly on maximizing customer’s value and exceeding their expectations. The firm assures to look after their customers as well as to take care of their workers’ welfare by implementing significant health and safety measures in the workplace. The company policies are well aligned with health and Safety Legislation.

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