Benefits and drawbacks of Varicose Veins Surgery

If the patient is not getting relief from any of the non-surgical options, then Varicose Vein Specialist Wayne will suggest surgical procedures. The most preferred surgeries for removing the varicose veins are veins stripping. This effective treatment method aids to treat the varicose veins and stops them from coming back. First of all, the doctor will evaluate the patient and find out the nonworking valves. Doctors usually use an ultrasound equipment to closely look at the veins or he/she can also use a duplex scan to get a clear picture of veins as well as the quantity of blood flow.
A duplex scan is a very helpful procedure to discover any concerns about thrombosis and clots in the veins. At the time of the surgery, your doctor will make 2 cuts – one cut in the groin plus one nearby the knee. Then, your doctor will insert a small wire into the damaged vein. He/she will connect a special wire to one side of the vein and then gradually pull out the wire, to enable the vein to flow. Though the surgery may result in bruising, bleeding, and pain, serious complications are abnormal.
  • Vein stripping is considered as a very effective treatment method for the treatment of lumpy and large veins because the surface location is very big for the thin laser light to reach all areas of the veins.
  • This method is suitable for patients who are also suffering from phobia of needles.


  • Vein stripping method is said to be clinically effective.
  • Patient is not required to stay in the hospital after the surgery. Patient can easily get a discharge from the hospital when the surgery is done.
  • There are several insurance companies that will provide the coverage for the symptoms of pain and inflammation because of varicose veins.
  • In many cases, Varicose Vein Doctor In Wayne suggest their patient to get back to their normal routine after one or two weeks of surgery.
  • Patient can experience pain and bruising after the procedure for about five to six weeks.
  • At the time of the procedure, your tiny veins that reside close to the problematic vein can get affected.
  • It may take a few days to recover from the anaesthetic effects
  • Patient can experience some side effects of anaesthesia like breathing problem.
  • Varicose veins can recur after the surgery. Spider Vein Specialist Wayne confirms that varicose veins may come back after the procedure.
  • The vein stripping surgery may lead to chest infections, particularly in smokers.
Bottom line
Only patients, who are medically fit are qualified for the vein stripping treatment. Most of the procedures are done under local anaesthetic in which the anesthesia is used to make you fall asleep. Keep in mind that the elimination of varicose veins through this procedure is not a permanent treatment for varicose veins. Other nearby veins can also get affected. Therefore, it’s vital to take more care of your veins after having the surgery.

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