Benefits of Chelation Therapy

As it is rightly said, one will only understand the importance of anything in life after they have lost it. Similarly, the most crucial gem in life is one’s health. If someone does not have good health they will not function at the best of their ability. A decrease or deterioration of the health conditions affects the overall productivity of any individual. They will have a poor concentration rate, a decreased interest in the work, frequent memory lapses or other conditions, to say the least. 

Just like every story has a hero and a villain, the human life story is also governed by a villain, which is poor health. The magnificent hero is none other than chelation, who comes with an add-on of chelation therapy benefits. 

Chelation Therapy

Understanding the perks of chelation and chelation therapy: 

Chelation, in simpler terms, is the removal of metals and impurities in the body and the blood vessels, by the use of any chelating agent. The chelating agent binds to the impurities and helps in flushing them out of the body by passing them through the filtration unit of the body, the kidneys. This way the body and its components experience a feeling of rejuvenation. The kidneys and the liver work more efficiently, and there is an overall increase in the blood flow to the brain, to name a few. Additionally, drugs such as EDTA which are characteristically used for chelation therapy for angina help in the revitalization of the heart and blood vessels and minimize any symptoms of coronary artery diseases in the process. 

The process of chelation therapy for the heart: 

For heart diseases, the chelating agent which is usually used is ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid or EDTA. It is infused into the body intravenously or by the use of drugs. This chelating agent then binds to the calcium in the fatty plaques that line the arteries. When it forms a complex compound, it pulls out the calcium, thereby swapping away the plaques and the impurities too. This process clears the arteries in almost the same way in which the drain cleaner functions to open and clean the clogged pipes. This is a wonderful analogy for the chelation therapy benefits, but unfortunately is still not backed by solid science. 

The bottom line:

The bottom line is, however, that the working and analogy of the chelation drug for the heart are not yet proven, it has shown immense benefits for angina. Thus, for those who experience symptoms such as squeezing, heaviness, tightness or pain in the chest, chelation therapy for angina can prove beneficial.

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