Benefits of Choosing the IRS Solution

IRS Solutions is a full-service program that helps tax professionals save time dealing with the IRS. They help accountants and tax professionals change the way they work and live quickly and easily, adding tax solutions to their portfolios. With an IRS solution, you can access an automated tax solution and upload forms directly to your CAF device.

As a result, IRS Solutions makes it easier than ever to manage and grow your tax preparation business. Their goal is to help tax professionals earn more by giving them the tools they need to stop wasting time dealing with the IRS. They keep your members up-to-date with the latest forms and notices the IRS uses for collections and audits so your members can respond with confidence when their clients encounter the IRS.

Why choose the IRS solution?

Receive alerts 3-6 months before customer audits.

  • With self-complete forms, you can request a customer’s electronic signature and upload the document directly to your CAF device.
  • Access, download and print all client texts with lightning-fast text retrieval using the IRS Solutions API.

Find and complete all the IRS forms you need to start and finish a customer settlement. The program looks for opportunities to reduce fines and alerts customers when they are likely to qualify for a discount for the first time.

  • Auto complete messages are marked with your logo.
  • Store customer data in the program and access case details with a button.
  • Find the latest in their classes: penalties, benefits, settlement offers and news from the IRS.
  • A network of tax specialists to answer any question.

Advanced technology capabilities add more value to your tax solution services.

Tax dispute resolution is an important process. Tax professionals and tax resolution firms should always apply their knowledge and experience to resolve tax issues with the IRS. These companies must address two major concerns: tax resolution and customer relationship management (CRM). Tax and business professionals must improve the quality of their services, give their clients a good experience and retain more clients.

IRS Tax solution technology combined with a CRM system speeds up the entire process and improves business and customer relationships. Agencies can increase their revenue as a result of using CRM tools. Traditional tax solutions are time-consuming and do not provide customers with real-time access. On the other hand, a leading CRM solution changes the way clients move through the entire tax dispute resolution process, giving them real-time access to data, charts, metrics, reports and more.

When the quality of services reaches the next level, tax companies can also set prices for benefits based on quality and standards. Most importantly, this new technology improves real-time communication between tax professionals and their clients. A built-in customer portal, automatically filled tax forms, and document sharing make work much easier and the whole process hassle-free.

With their cloud-based service, you will also continue to receive regular updates. CRM companies continue to innovate and improve their existing tools and capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.

Depending on the type and level of technology, tax settlement professionals can also enhance your brand image and differentiate your business. Prices vary according to what the company offers its customers. You can design different packages and specify what each of these packages offers. Prices may be lower if the gate is not available. Higher fees may apply for packages that include use and access to various apps and dashboards. The more features you offer your customers, the more you can charge.

IRS Transcripts increases the overall value of tax settlement services in several ways. Studies show that such a CRM can increase productivity by 30%. Tax professionals, CPAs, EAs and attorneys can use this state-of-the-art technology to save valuable time and access client information anytime, anywhere. The time saved can acquire new customers and handle more cases.

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