Benefits of investing in International Mutual Funds

Indulging in international travel or global cuisine is an exciting way to discover not only new cultures but also new opportunities. Unless we see the world outside the boundaries of our own country, we do not know what exists there and how it may benefit us. Like international travel, we seldom look beyond Indian shores when investing.  International investing is one of the best ways to discover new opportunities and diversify your portfolio.

An International Mutual Fund invests in companies outside the investor’s resident country. They are beneficial in two ways. Firstly, they provide you with access to professional management. Secondly, they invest in companies other than your resident country, diversifying your portfolio.


By investing in a Global Fund, investors can be a part of a larger and diverse portfolio, which they could otherwise not consolidate by investing domestically. Experienced portfolio managers make investment decisions related to international funds with expertise in fund management in the global market. Here are all the benefits you receive:

Portfolio diversification

A diverse portfolio is of prime importance when investing in International Mutual Funds. The risk gets distributed and thereby reduced if it consists of a mix of high, medium, and low-risk investments. It helps smoothen the portfolio performance during unstable or weak market conditions.

Professional management

Most investors do not have adequate resources or the knowledge to manage a diverse investment portfolio. However, portfolio managers oversee managing Mutual Funds. They track the holdings under the fund and determine the sale or purchase of stocks. They also advise fund categories, like World Mining Fund, for investors with high-risk appetites.


Liquidity is the most important aspect of investments. A liquid asset allows shares to be exchanged for cash in a brief period, ideally, within two business days. Once you have sold them, you receive the amount equal to your investment value at the time of the market closing. Ideally, investing through a Systematic Investment Plan reduces the financial burden and may reap better returns.


Investing in International Fund of Funds is convenient. You get information on administrative aspects of your assets instantly through the app. All information regarding your investment, like account statements, capital gains tax status, and dividends received from the fund, are traceable through emails for easy monitoring.

How to invest?

It is easy to invest in a Mutual Fund scheme using the app. No matter where you belong, you can access it from your smartphone and track live updates. Select a fund house and browse through the schemes to build your portfolio. Analyse your risk appetite and investment goals. It offers many more advantages besides accomplishing financial goals, like systematic fund management, better products, and potential market-linked returns.


Investing in Mutual Funds requires market knowledge and expertise. Remember, not everyone has similar goals and income as you.

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