Benefits of Oil-Based Hair Colour

You keep trying various hair colours the experiment sometimes throws up pleasant surprises. You try to follow a trend in one particular year. You may have tried oil-based hair colour as well. If you’re lucky, you are bound to have a happy experience. However, all are not as lucky as you are. Choosing the right colour brand is a tricky business. We have to see which brand suits our hair and which one turns hostile. Usually, you would select Ammonia-free hair colours available in India. Apart from in the brick and mortar shops of the neighbourhood, Oil-based hair colour in India can be purchased online. They are the pretty old brand in India that sells ammonia-free hair colours. Many of its ranges are mostly ammonia-free. We give due credit to oil which takes care of our skin so well for that we are all praise for it. We should do the same for oil-based hair colours that have the following benefits:

  • It is gentle: You have no worries about losing the natural colour of your hair or damaging the hair strands. In turn, it provides softness to the hair and gives it a natural sheen. So, oil-based hair colour is gentle.
  • It improves the shine of hair: This oil-based hair colour provides the shine and colour expressions naturally. The shiny hair will accentuate the subtle looks of your hair. Additionally, floral fragrance can be added to these colours that help keep you pleased with yourself without any detesting smell of Ammonia.
  • The naturalness of these colours enhances the muted undertones of your hair. Thus, it contributes to the brilliance of your skin and eyes.

Vasmol is an Indian company that is known for making safe hair colouring solutions. It is a trusted name and has a sizable fan-following. The brand has hair colours, hair oils and other related products.

For pure colour, you should select natural undertones. For neutralizing a blond hair, you have an option to go for the ash colour. You also have a choice of using opalescent tones if your hair is brown or blond. You may flirt with the idea of warm colours such as copper which you can spruce up with auburn. There is an option for you to use the black platinum that looks exciting. You should choose an ammonia-free hair colour. It takes excellent care of your hair.

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