Benefits of OpenSIPS Development for Building VoIP Solution

The advantages of VoIP over traditional phone systems are numerous. Implementing VoIP-based communications technology has the potential to benefit significantly virtually every business. Many technologies are available in the market for developing VoIP-based solutions, such as OpenSIPS solution development, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, and more. This article will discuss the advantages of custom OpenSIPS development for developing VoIP solutions for your business.

What Is OpenSIPS?

OpenSIPS (Open Session Initiation Protocol Server) is an open-source GPLed SIP server implementation. It is popular as a multifunctional and multipurpose SIP server. A wide range of businesses can benefit from the modular design of OpenSIPS solutions for their business. Here are some niches that can benefit from custom OpenSIPs development.

● VoIP Service Providers

● Network Operators

● Telecommunication Operators

● Global Enterprises

OpenSIPS development can help you build numerous solutions for your business communication system. Some popular OpenSIPS-based solutions are Router, Switch, Gateway, Registrar, Application server, and Load-balancer.

Benefits of OpenSIPS Solution for Your Business

OpenSIPS is one of the most widely used technologies for developing VoIP solutions. You may wonder what makes it one of the best development technologies and why OpenSIPS consulting services are so popular in the IP-based telecommunications industry. OpenSIPS has exceeded its original Class 4 status and can now provide Class 5 signaling features. To emulate PBX-like services, hosted/virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX) providers use OpenSIPS as a core component. OpenSIPS is adaptable enough to incorporate all of the complex Class 5 features, as well as additional features to interface with external SIP engines (such as media servers). Here are some notable benefits of using OpenSIPS solution development for your business communication system:

● OpenSIPS enhance the speed of database operations by 25 percent.

● OpenSIPS has a modular design, which makes it highly efficient.

● It has a modular design and a customizable routing engine that combines video, voice, and chat as efficiently as possible.

● It is an excellent load balancer.

● Its application and module interfaces make it highly adaptable to developing practical applications.

● It has a transitional throughput of thousands of calls per second.

Wrapping Up

Many Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) oriented service providers use OpenSIPS solution development to power their platform. OpenSIPS is favored mainly because of its high throughput and capabilities, as well as its dependability. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers use the OpenSIPS solution’s rich feature set to create appealing and competitive services for their consumers. Its flexibility (in terms of service creation) and rapid release cycle give them an advantage in creating cutting-edge services in competitive VoIP markets.

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