Benefits of Practicing Online Yoga

As a “yoga nomad,” we rely on an internet connection to keep our company running. Thankfully, nowadays, wifi can be available in almost every part of the globe!

We must continue our practice to remain relevant as yoga teachers. We found live-streamed yoga to be beneficial in our nomadic lifestyle!


Whether you’re a nomad or not, online yoga is a convenient way for anybody to practice from anywhere!

Below, we’ll go over three basic benefits of practicing yoga online.

Save Time & Money

Yoga studio subscriptions are not cheap. Even if you don’t want to pay monthly, drop-in fees have steadily increased as competition increases. Don’t even get us started on mat rentals…

Not to mention the time it takes to commute and the cost of parking. When everything is said and done, the best online kundalini yoga at a reputable studio may cost as much as a beautiful meal out on the town and take several hours!

There are many options for online yoga that fit a variety of budgets. No time will be lost on the front or rear end of class if you practice from your laptop or home computer.Who wouldn’t want to save time and money in their lives?

More Flexibility in Your Schedule

Freedom is at the heart of what we do. Having flexibility in our schedules is a non-negotiable if we want to let more of it into our lives!

It might not be easy to align your schedule to that of the studios. Because of family and work commitments, you may be unable to attend your preferred classes.

We practice live streamed yoga so that we may join sessions anytime we want. This may be before a flight in the morning or a late-night yin lesson before bed. This freedom allows you to plan your day as you see fit without setting aside time and money to go to the studio.

More Accessible to Everyone

Yoga in the west has warped the traditional practice of yoga. Because of the most athletic edge, it’s taken, it can seem inaccessible to many people. Or maybe that style doesn’t work for you. That isn’t good since, as you may be aware, not all yoga is made equal…

And if you live in a remote area, you can nearly ensure that there isn’t a yoga class nearby.

Yoga is now available to almost everyone, thanks to the availability of online yoga! You’re set to go as long as you have a device that can connect to the internet! Furthermore, if the studio experience intimidates you, live-streamed yoga might help you overcome that fear. Practicing yoga in the comfort of your own home will allow you to become acquainted with the practice.

Practicing yoga online, regardless of distance or difficulty, will help make yoga more accessible to everyone!