Benefits of Pregnancy Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is among the oldest recognized health care procedures. Among pregnant and working women, it has a rich history. You may be conscious of the advantages of daily massage, but do you know how fantastic it is during pregnancy? Let’s discuss the top ten benefits of pregnancy massage in Perth.

Back Pain Relief

To get relief from chronic back pain is the very first reason that the pregnant women select massage. This is one of the common pregnancy symptoms. It may differ between the upper, middle, and lower back. Women will suffer from pregnancy at a very early stage, all the way to childbirth and beyond. Back pain in early pregnancy results from changing hormones. It is later activated by straining muscles to keep up with extra weight gain and a changing body structure. These symptoms can be soothed by massage and provide relief to back muscle pain.

Reduces stress

Pregnancy can also be a very stressful time, no matter how excited a new mother-to-be is about her bun in the oven. With shifting hormones and an ever-changing body image, it’s a lot to contend with. This can cause substantial energy depletion, along with daily issues, such as finance or job security. Being able to zen out a few times a month in the massage room brings down levels of tension and builds back up steam. It may also be as necessary for mama as it is for baby to combat stress. Studies indicate that women with higher levels of stress are more likely to deliver their babies early or have underweight babies.

Elevates Relaxation

Receiving daily massage relaxes and controls hormones in the central nervous system. It lowers the stress hormone known as cortisol, and both serotonin and dopamine are increased. It allows us to control discomfort and experience pleasure. These hormone changes together provide an overall feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Circulation increases

During pregnancy, having good circulation is important, as during these 9 months the blood volume rises drastically. Massage exercises transfer blood physically through the body to avoid it from pooling. It can cause blood clots if blood is allowed to pool. Throughout pregnancy and early postpartum, the risk of clots is 5 times greater. The best way to reduce the risk and enjoy the massage’s circulatory benefits is to undergo it on a bi-weekly schedule. This regularly keeps the blood flowing.

Swelling decreases

In combination with the last advantage, massage helps to minimize swelling significantly. Swelling is caused by blood and body fluids being pooled, and in later pregnancy, it is particularly common. In the third trimester, it can most often be seen in the ankles and feet. Women that are frequently massaged during pregnancy are less likely to experience swelling. Even a light pressure massage helps to redistribute body fluids and prevents the lower legs from pooling.

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