Benefits of Quality Sports Gear

Congratulations, you picked cricket as a sport that you would like to try. This is a popular game that involves two teams of 11 players. This is a single-player match in which the individual batsman takes on a particular bowler. He has fielders to help him. This is a popular national sport that is loved and enjoyed by many. It is also very popular in Australia, India, and England.

To become a great cricket player, you need to be able to focus and dedicate yourself. It is one of the most effective sports for improving your physical appearance, gaining muscle and staying healthy. You will need a good cricket kit, comfortable shoes, and clothing that will protect you on the field. Let’s look at the benefits of this sport and all the accessories required to make it a good and safe game.

It Strengthens The Muscles

Cricket is a game that activates every muscle in your body. You won’t notice you’re working out while you’re playing cricket. If going to the gym is not motivating you, cricket may be a good option. This is the sport for you if you are looking to tone your muscles and increase muscle mass.

It Improves Your Social Skills

It is a popular social sport that involves many people. Cricket is a great way to improve your social skills and make new friends. The match lasts for several hours, and you must work together with your team in order to win it.

How To Build a Good Cricket Kit

It is important to be fully equipped before you go out on the field. Protect your head, abdomen and hands.


Be sure to practice slow deliveries with an old bat before you pick your bat. As a player, you have the responsibility of ensuring that your bat is ready for play. Remember that being’ready for play’ does not mean the bat will help you win.

To minimize the impact of minor knocks, most experts in cricket recommend that a clear ‘antiscuff’ cover be applied to the blade. A protective cover placed over the middle of your bat will not affect its performance, but it may help keep your bat in good condition for a long period. The cover will protect against cracks and prevent moisture from getting into the bat’s blade.


Many cricket gear shops stock helmets that have passed stringent safety tests. You should choose a helmet that meets your needs and is within your budget. Many models can be adjusted to make them more comfortable. The grille should be placed so that the cricket ball cannot pass under your helmet when you adjust the helmet settings. While protection is important, the helmet should not interfere with your vision.

Knee Pads

Protective knee pads are recommended for your legs as they are at risk of injury. Make sure your knees are aligned in the middle of the knee rolls. When you are in your batting position, make sure the top pads don’t get in the way of your fingers. Your knee pads must be the correct size. They shouldn’t get in the way of your running or hitting the ball. A wrong size pad may not offer the same protection.

Thigh Pads

These pads provide lightweight protection and are worn on the outside of your thighs. The pads are held in place by two straps that go around the waist and one around your thighs. If you are hit on the thigh muscles, this will protect you from any serious injury. You feel more confident when you are safe and this will affect your performance.

Abdo Guard

The Abdo Guard, also known as a box or a box guard, will protect your groin. It is an essential part of your cricket kit and you should always wear it.


Armguards are not as common, especially among top players who believe they restrict their shots. Arm guards can be a great way to protect your arms from injuries, and it’s smart to invest in a pair if you’re just starting out in this sport.


This is an additional essential that will protect your palms and fingers. These should be snugly fitted on your hands. If they are loose they can cause damage.

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