Benefits of soft toys for children

Remember the first teddy bear you had? For many, their first childhood friend is the fuzzy gift, so it is no wonder the children will become so attached to their little companions. Studies have shown that soft toys can influence the development of a child positively. Soft toys still line the shelves of shops around the world, particularly in today’s technological era, and are one of everyone’s most favourite toys.

Benefits of soft toys for babies

Babies, especially with their mouths, love to explore and feel new textures and can provide the perfect combination for improving sensory abilities and fostering social and emotional development. Babies begin to appreciate the various colours, sizes, and textures of the world around them even at such a young age, and a cute teddy bear is an excellent way for them to do so.

It is necessary to make sure that they are safe for those under 12 months of age when purchasing soft toys for infants.

Benefits of soft toys for toddlers

The advantages for toddlers of soft toys are invaluable. The warmth of a cuddly toy provides the comfort and protection that kids want when they are tired or facing a new change or circumstance. The beloved teddy can also aid with separation anxiety and the transition from the cot to the beds of babies.

Via role-playing, soft toys also foster imaginative play. On a sunny day, what could beat a teddy bear picnic in the garden?

The advantages of soft toys do not only apply to infants and toddlers. Research has shown that it can help soothe anxiety by cuddling a soft toy.

It seems that even in adult life, the bond we build as a young child with our favourite soft toys can be helpful.

Why prefer safer ones for babies and kids?

Kids spend a lot of time hugging and sleeping with plush toys, so before buying any new toys, it is nice to get into the habit of exploring what they are made of. Some nasty things, including volatile organic compounds, flame retardants and hormone-disrupting chemicals, may be exposed to your kids.

When picking safer these toys, what to look for?

  • Natural Fabrics: Fabrics such as organic cotton, wool, bamboo, and hemp are better and more natural alternatives for plush toys than synthetics.

Natural dyes and colours: Check for brands using plant-based natural and non-toxic dyes and pigments in their products. There are also several fabric dyes based on water and earth that are a much better option than inks based on petroleum. For the environment and the baby, they are better. Plus, the teddy bear price is also comparatively less expensive

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