Benefits Of Using DDP Services When Importing Or Exporting

A company that provides Delivery Duty Paid services solutions, which you know as an Importer or Exporter of Record, is a company that pays for the total charges associated with transporting the cargo to the customers’ door, being fully responsible for the shipment until the buyer receives it. These China DDP Shipping Servicesresponsibilities comprise paying for shipping costs and simplifying the entire process by being in charge of every step beside the way (e.g., customs clearance, compliance assessment, storage, and warehousing).

However, as a cargo forwarder, you feel wondering: why would Delivery Duty Paid services be the best solution to attend your business’ requirements?


Lower risk

When contracting a Delivery Duty Paid solution, the company in charge of your cargo will control all the responsibilities connected to the load until it acquires its very final destination. So, suppose you hire a reliable company such as GCE Logistics, with all the structure and proficiency to manage the freight process. In that situation, there are fewer chances of encountering difficulties along the way.

At GCE Logistics, the staff of highly experienced professionals is ready to deliver your customers with full assistance, simplifying the shipping process.

Knowledge of price

Another benefit of this kind of service is that the landed cost is well-known at the time of the purchase. It will already comprise all the taxes and fees that your freight can encounter until it reaches the final destination. It is better for the buyer, as it ensures that they will not have any surprises at the end of the cargo or pay any unexpected charges. Before you close the deal, the business responsible for offering you a DDP service solution will analyze your necessity and show customers what the cargo price with all of these things already considered and comprised will be.


Freight forwarders already have many daily, and there is nothing better than hiring a company that attends their transportation requirements in a complete way, where they would have nothing to worry about. It is basically what the China DDP Shipping Services offer, a hassle-free transportation solution, where the business in charge will take care of everything for you, from selecting up the cargo, doing quality control, taking care of the documentation, paying all the taxes, and charges related to it and transporting it timely and safely to the final destination.

Complete service

Lastly, but essentially, hiring a DDP logistics worker will save you from having to outsource other businesses to take care of specific parts of your freight’s import or export process.  GCE Logistics operates as a licensed customs broker and provides a legal entity to act as an Importer of Record (IOR). The way the customer will not have to deal with the costs of establishing lawful things in the country – e.g., office and warehouse rent or buying, staff salary, salary taxes, and adversity allowances.

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