Benefits of Using Electric Strikes

Wouldn’t you like to gain access to your building at the push of a button? Visitors, deliveries, and contractors could have an easier time entering your property if they are able to use their electronic key cards or access codes.

Electric strikes are devices that allow for electric current to pass through on contact with a specific card or code. It works by checking the voltage level in contact with this card or code. If it reads as expected, then it will close an internal switch which then lets an electrical charge flow on the other side of this door latch, completing the circuit. When that happens, exactly twelve volts of electricity flow through the circuits in order to make these electric strikes function properly. Also, when there is a security concern, these door strikes allow for an alarm to sound when a specific entrance is accessed.

Electric strikes are typically found in larger companies with multiple entrances and gates. In order for this to work, the electric strike must be mounted on the frame of the door or entrance that needs access control.

The most common uses of electric strikes are in apartment complexes, schools, factories, and also hospitals. For example, if a student has a late night at the library and forgets their key card to get back in their apartments they can give a friend a copy of their card to open the external door. These cards are typically embedded with PIN codes that open electronically activated doors.

The benefits of using electric strikes are numerous. For example, these devices allow for easy access control to any part of the premises within your building. They can be used to unlock multiple doors simultaneously in the event that multiple people need access to different parts of your building at the same time. One misplaced card or code will not be able to get back into your building, which means you will never risk having someone else swipe their card or key code accidentally.

These electric strikes work for businesses, apartment complexes, and even your home. They can be used to gain easy access to your building or secure your doors as needed. The best part about using electric strikes is the fact that they are inexpensive and very easy to install.

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Some Other Electronic Locks and Accessories Options

Electronic locks are used in a variety of settings from office buildings to homes. Doors with electronic locks need to have a power source, typically an AC-powered device, so they can operate. In some cases, these locks can be used with DC power sources as well. The door lock device itself needs to be connected to the door via some type of connection system; most electronic doors require special pieces that will connect into the conventional locking pieces of the door.

Magnetic lock: a magnetic lock is a device that allows for electric current to flow through when two magnets, usually placed on the frame of the door and door frame, connect with each other. The most common example of this is when your office doors have them. This technology is easy to use and is very effective in most situations. It is also very affordable and can be added onto existing doors very easily so you do not have to replace your entire door system or even your entire door if you would prefer something more advanced.

Motorized locks: a motorized lock operates on a more advanced level than some of the other electronic locks that might be found in the home or business setting. These locks are very durable, especially when compared to their manual counterparts, and can be found in a variety of finishes and designs. They come with all the options you might find with other styles, but they can be controlled from a remote location from a computer system or even from your smartphone.

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