Benefits of Using LED Panels For Different Commercial Places

The LED panel light is an affordable lighting solution to save energy and money. Many led consumer lighting products, including candlelight, panel light, tube light, spotlight, and batten light, are available at market price.

Designed to swap conventional fluorescent ceiling lights in commercial structures and office environments, LED panels are thin panels containing light-emitting diodes placed between aluminum housing and plastic material. Benefits of using LED lights:

•    If you are searching for a premium lighting solution for your commercial space that will also reduce long-term costs and help the environment, then LED Panel 595x595mm is a perfect choice.
•    LED panel lights offer excellent color rendering and do not fade, making them faultless for retail and hospitality environments. They are also entirely controllable and can be lowered depending on the mood you are trying to create.
•    LED lights are up to 80% more effective than other alternatives, such as glowing or incandescent LED lights. With 95% of power in LEDs being rehabilitated into light, only 5% is wasted as heat. Therefore their energy efficiency is invincible.
•    Providing you buy from a trustworthy retailer, like LED Panel Store, LED panels to provide an exceptionally long lifecycle, expected to last up to 50,000 hours before replacements are needed.
•    With so serval compelling reasons to switch, now is an excellent time to make the asset for a brighter future.

Your standing ceiling grid will determine the size of the LED panel you need. The number of lights required will focus on the function of the room and the smooth lighting you need. If you need help measuring what would work best in your space, then get in touch with our team to discuss.

Replacing your existing fluorescent modular ceiling lights with LED panels is fast and easy, and Air Clean Panel Light is here to help you every step of the way.
The panel provides a versatile, low profile, and lightweight light source with 90% uniformity, dim ability, wireless controls, and is easy to manage as well. The lights are constructed in such a way that allows for better illumination conditions.

The lights produce a large pool of high lumen light that is smooth and even in quality. The range of lights delivers a smooth, flawless wall of illumination without visible bulbs or hot spots. The lights are a thin panel that provides perfectly even illumination across their surface.

The LED light fixtures provide an architectural grade, energy-saving solution for outdated fluorescent ceiling light panels. LED light panels use expressively less energy than fluorescent and have built-in LED displays, so there are no light bulbs to install or replace. In addition, LED arrays typically last for years before needing a replacement driver, so these fixtures typically require minimal maintenance.

Sometimes called flat panels, these slim fixtures offer large amounts of light for offices, Hospital, schools, retail spaces, and other commercial settings. LED light panels may also mount to a drywall ceiling when paired with a well-matched surface-mount accessory.


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