Benefits of Visiting a Gynecologist

Women should visit an obstetrician/ gynecologist (OB/GYN) to maintain a good lifestyle. It may not be easy to overcome the fear or misconceptions regarding an OB/GYN. If you have any female health-related issues it is better to visit a gynecologist instead of a general physician. They treat conditions regarding menstruation, menopause, pregnancy, family planning, fertility, sterilization, and other hormone-related issues. During puberty visit to a gynecologist is recommended as reproductive health matures. Forming a good bond with them is also needed. So, find the one who suits you among the top gynecologist in Delhi.

Reasons to see a gynecologist –

  1. General gynecological health

Yearly check-ups starting from adolescence are crucial. The checkups reveal any form of changes your gynecological health is going through. If there is some serious issue, early detection may help.


  1. Pelvic exam

Yearly pelvic exam can detect any strange growth or other changes. A gynecologist can also test for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


  1. non-uniform menstruation

Women with a non-uniform menstrual cycle should get checked. The gynecologist can help you understand why your monthly flow is shorter or longer. Or why there is a gap between two menstruation cycles. Heavy bleeding, less flow, or painful cramps can also be treated.


  1. Contraception

A gynecologist can suggest the appropriate method of birth control for you. According to your body, some contraceptives may not be suitable for you, so a specialist is needed.


  1. Pap smear test

A Pap smear test by a gynecologist is beneficial. This test can detect cancer or any atypical indicator.


  1. Breast health

Gynecologists do not only treat, vaginal health, but also your breast health. A breast health check-up, can be done to check for any swelling of tissues or lumps. As women have high chances of breast cancer, breast health check-up, is recommended.


  1. Painful intercourses

In case of painful sex to a gynecologist can be helpful. The gynecologist can tell the reason behind it. Whether the pain is due to physical issues or physiological problems.


  1. Unusual vaginal discharge

If there is anything unusual in your vaginal discharge, a gynecologist can tell you why. There are chances of an infection. So, the gynecologist can help to cure it.


  1. Issues during urination

While urinating, if there is any discomfort or blood, it’s necessary to contact a gynecologist.


  1. Pregnancy matters

For pregnancy appointment with a gynecologist is highly needed. They will help you in every step. Help you understand everything better and make sure, you are in the right direction. You can find one, you can trust, by searching the top gynecologist in Delhi.


A gynecologist is way different than a general physician. If there is an ulcer in your vagina or cyst in your ovary, a gynecologist can treat it. Benign tumors are treated, by gynecologists. Any form of issues in the uterus or urination, can be treated by a gynecologist. Menopause is normal, but the symptoms are not so consulting a gynecologist is helpful.


If an extra layer of tissue is forming outside of the uterus, then it’s called Endometriosis. It can be treated only by a gynecologist. It needs surgery and a specialist is needed. Any form of fertility issue, is solved by a gynecologist. The best Female Fertility Doctor in Delhi, Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour can help with such needs. She is known to be very understanding and helpful. 90% of the cases she has taken up are deemed as a success. SCI IVF Hospital is popular for its high success rates in fertilization.


A gynecologist is a specialist in the field. All surgeries relating to this, should be done by a gynecologist. Pregnancy, childbirth, removal of fibroids, endometriosis, and all these. Find such specialists by finding the one you need among the gynecologist in Delhi NCR. 



Gynecologists are specialists in the field of female health. Always visit a gynecologist for female health issues. The surgeries and treatments are supposed to be done by a specialist or they can be life-threatening. They not only treat reproductive health but all that concerns female health. All women should do a yearly check-up from gynecologists to maintain a healthy life. Neglecting such issues is never recommended. A simple web search will find you all the best gynecologists in Delhi NCR, and you can select where you want to go.

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