Benefits of Water-soluble Nano CBD Drops

It is possible that acquiring CBD in the United States today will be a task fraught with a great deal of confusion. The sheer quantity of products that can be purchased is overwhelming, and many of those items ranging from hemp smokes, claim to have features that cannot be found in any other product. Cannabidiol (CBD) water-soluble products are one of the more recent entries into the market for CBD. The manufacturer of these items asserts that they provide higher absorption and have a greater degree of bioavailability in the body. Put another way; they should be able to gain access to the circulatory system more effectively and substantially affect the therapeutic process.

Because of the different degrees to which they can dissolve in water, cannabidiol, or CBD, comes in two forms: the traditional form and a water-soluble form. CBD does not dissolve in water due to the “lipophilic” structure of the compound; however, it does dissolve in oil. This is because the CBD molecule is an oil, and since oils are composed of fats, they do not dissolve in water. The reason behind this is as follows:

A ratio of CBD oil to water

How exactly does CBD transform from its original oil form, oil-soluble, to a water-soluble form?

It is a bit like a Trojan horse because it ‘hides’ the micro-sized oil droplets within tiny bubbles known as micelles. The micelles are built from substances that can thrive in water. For this particular purpose, the micelles have been engineered to firmly bind and separate the oils in such a way as to make them appear to be water-soluble.

Nano-emulsions are another common name for these types of substances. Because of this processing, it is now feasible for CBD to dissolve in the blood when it is included in water-soluble compounds. This is also why they may be used with liquids without causing the separation that would take place if oil-soluble CBD was added.

How CBD is consumed and absorbed

If cannabidiol (CBD) is taken orally, just like any other substance, it must first be broken down in the stomach before it can be absorbed into the body. Water soluble nano CBD drops may be compared to water-soluble nutrients such as vitamin B12 or carbohydrates. At the same time, oil-soluble CBD could be likened to fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamin E or cholesterol. Both forms of CBD, however, are referred to as cannabidiol. It should not come as a surprise, given that the bulk of the human body is composed of water, that water-soluble molecules are simpler to digest and absorb than oil-soluble ones.


In conclusion, the standard CBD as hemp smokes and the water soluble nano CBD drops are distinct from one another due to the ease with which they combine with water. The legal CBD is absorbed by the body more slowly, while the water-soluble CBD is absorbed more quickly. This means that the water-soluble CBD is better for treating acute conditions, while the standard CBD is better for treating chronic diseases.

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