Benefits of Wearing Netball Uniforms

Netball, being a predominantly female-dominated sport, is in an ideal position to offer an environment that is safe for girls to get more active and free from anxiety about their body shape.

How can netball stay relevant in the sport world for women and girls? And why do netballers dress in dresses?

Netball has a long-standing tradition and none more so than the Netball Uniforms Australia. From pleated skirts for netball to the contemporary custom netball outfits that are now seen on our Superleague outfits, skirts and dresses have been a long-standing aspect of the sport.

However, during training sessions in which players have the option to decide what they wish to wear, they’re mostly selecting leggings and netball shorts.

The possibility of choosing your own team wear for netball and sports clothing is also a great way to accommodate the cultural and religious needs of certain players. If inclusion is built into the foundation of the game instead of being granted through specific request, it permits all players to be included within the sport.

Sublimation Garments is committed to increasing the visibility of women’s sport , and to connecting the netball community.

To help grow this sport and make sure that it is a game for everyone, Flyhawk are committed to making the most exciting netball equipment for World Netball through building a network that female and netball athletes can join our “flock”.

As the netball dress and kit designer, we concentrate on innovation in all aspects of our netball gear. We consider ways to design and create team wear for netball players with various playing abilities and to create a new standard in the sport, not only players who fall into the mold of a traditional netball player.

Sublimation Garments Flock

We offer custom-designed netball teamwear that is suitable for every player, our primary goal is to create top-quality, technically advanced and durable netball equipment and team wear. That means that all the hours we devote to product development are focused in ensuring that the fit that we offer, the fabric we select as well as the styles we develop elevate the standards of our game.

Our Custom Netball Dresses

Sublimation Garments customized netball attire is available in sizes 4-24. Not only do we provide three styles of netball dresses All of our dresses are offered in four lengths. Start creating your team’s style by using our netball dress designer.

Two Piece Netball Kits

We know that not everyone would like to wear a dress for netball and therefore we offer various custom netball kit options that allow you to design your own two-piece kit that includes:

  • Match netball vests and tees
  • Shorts, Match Skirts, and leggings
  • Vests, match tops for men and shorts
  • Off Court Team Netball Kit

Netball fans love dressing up for the occasion. This is why Sublimation Garments creates off court netball apparel and travel items that are suitable for anyone.

Sublimation Garments proud to create distinctive, unique clothing that blends seamlessly form and function and have built an image for ourselves through our high-end as well as our unique designs and constant determination to celebrate netball.


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