Berkeley Capital Group

Screenshot_2020-09-20 BCG TalksSpecialized and Turnkey.

Founded in 2017 by Lissa Engle, Berkeley Capital Group [‘BCG’] is an agile, innovative, turnkey partner in hotel-led investments and developments. Visit for BCG Hotels.
BCG is a fully independent private company that ensures we are brand agnostic and focus solely on maximizing project value. We understand how best to drive maximum NOI per m2, embrace leading technologies, and create sustainable hotels hotel-led mixed-use schemes.

BCG partners with global investors and landowners on projects over €100m in value across the UK and Europe.

Do you have a site you wish to convert into a unique development?
A hotel or mixed-use asset you wish to maximize value?
Equity to invest in best-in-class opportunities?

BCG selects 2-3 projects or under 5% of deals analyzed where we can create the greatest impact with best-in-class partners and manage the project from A to Z.

We also manage assets for partners where development and/or financing expertise is key.


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