Best 8mm to Digital Converter

8mm film ( Regular 8 and Super 8) was first developed in North America by the Eastman Kodak Company and released for public use in 1932. These formats were a more cost effective alternative to 16mm film. These formats remained popular for many years and eventually was discontinued in the late 80’s. Convert Super 8 film to Digital

If you or your family has any film in boxes or in storage then your film reels are at risk of decay. At Precision Transfers, we understand that your memories on 8mm film are irreplaceable and you can trust the staff at Precision Transfers to take care and handling of your 8mm film and transfer the reels to digital. Best 8mm to Digital Converter

We offer a full suite of solutions to convert and transfer your Betamax tapes into a digital file or DVD/Blu-ray format.

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