Best and Cool Tips to Learn French Fast

Surround yourself in a francophone environment.

Listen to French music and read books. A large number of words can be learned intuitively without even resorting to a dictionary. Contact the Language Centre because the most important thing is to hear the language of native speakers. Of course, native speakers are also very different – some have heavy accents or are full of parasitic words. So pay attention to who you are listening to.

Ask again everything you didn’t understand in the conversation.

This is very important. In this way, you can learn many different words that make the language dynamic and beautiful, as well as slang (where it doesn’t), which is generally a good thing to supplement your vocabulary. Ask the interlocutor about his life, hobbies, and family. When something is unclear, ask him to explain the word or phrase in French.

Music and Movies

A good option is to watch the same movie first in Russian and then in French. And music! Françoise Hardy, Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel, Georges Brassens, and many other great artists. Listen to their songs and you will learn to feel the language. You need to find something close and precious in French culture, then learning the language will be more meaningful and easier.

Teach in Phrases

Remember words don’t make sense (well, a little) – it’s better to use both phrases and set expressions. Trust me, not so much in the spoken word.

Communicate on social networks and chat

You are not alone. Hundreds of groups of people share your interests and desire to master this beautiful language. Create a normal chat where you can chat in French. Let’s go! Use video communication – people often say, “I seem to understand, but I can’t say anything.” You won’t because you’ll learn to speak French very quickly.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Items that should be written first. Don’t be afraid to write and say the wrong thing-it’s not terrible, everyone makes mistakes (even in their native language). Once you understand that mistakes are an experience, it becomes easier and you start to feel the joy of learning a language.

Take video and audio recordings of yourself.

So you can always hear your weaknesses, know where your mistakes are (we’re not afraid, see #6) and find your accent. Sure, you can get away with a language-centric accent for a little or a lot of money, but why not try it yourself at home? main wish!

Translate your computer, phone, or tablet into French

That’s a lot of words and phrases! They’re seen every day, they’re very useful, and they’re definitely used in speeches. “Call,” “Cancel,” “Send,” “Message,” and more – these are words you see every day. And, as they say, repetition is the mother of learning.

Read more news, articles, and books

Read about things you love – such as fashion, style, photography, nutrition, and exercise. Read often and never close the translator. If you can’t guess what it means from the context, pay attention to each new word. Furthermore, the news is a living language used in real life.

Try To Think In French

“I promised to call my mother”, “I need to buy bread and milk”, “4 hours to go” – try to think about it all in French. Start a journal and write down your plans. Or start a blog that if you’re still shy, you can hide it from everyone, even if it’s just a phrase or two a day.

When you learn French from scratch, you will of course keep improving the first time. Enjoy these moments. Then, after a while, you may feel like you haven’t progressed for months and you’re on the same level! Be patient. Continue working. You will definitely reach a new level of knowledge. You can also get the best course to learn French quick from Native Speakers of Tutortoi. The most important thing is not to back down and to move forward bravely!

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