Best and effective ways to drive traffic through Instagram.

Instagram is a fun place as well as a powerful tool for your business. Since 2016 when Instagram introduced business accounts, its main priority is to give importance to the brand and an environment to connect with its followers keeping in mind the motive of brands for creating an Instagram profile.

If you are struggling to drive traffic through Instagram then you are at the right place. There are several things which should be done in order to drive expected traffic.

● Attaching the website link to your profile’s bio and in the captions of your posts will be helpful as the link redirects your Instagram followers to your website. You can update the link as and when required.

● Make your posts and captions as attractive as possible, so that the viewer tends to visit the website and explore more.

● You may opt to buy Instagram followers to increase your traffic too. As the followers may randomly keep checking your website and it will result in increased traffic.

● When your audience direct message you, you get the chance to answer them personally. If their question relates to any blog on your website you can directly send them the link to increase the traffic.

● You may add the swipe up and see more options to your Instagram stories that redirect the viewer to the website.

● Be frequent in posting as it will remind your followers of you and your engagement and contact with followers may create leads.

● You can run an Ad campaign on Instagram as these ads are clickable and when the user clicks on the ad he will be redirected to your website.

● Know the best time to post on Instagram so that your posts may reach more audience and it will lead to more engagement and traffic.

● You should post on Instagram with the purpose of posting strategy that aligns with your brand. Use relevant hashtags, geotags and call to action to get more engagement and grow your account.

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