Best Android Apps to Recover Deleted Photos

Sometimes we delete the photos by mistake and wish we could get the images back. Fortunately, we have some Android apps that can help you recover your deleted pictures. But, while using these applications be very careful, because these are not very trustworthy and can be harmful to your data. Here are some of the best Android apps to recover your deleted photos.


DiskDigger is free and can work on the Android version 2.2. And the best thing about this app is its free version has no limitations, and you can access almost all its features. The only restriction with its free version is that you can only recover your deleted photos and not any other files. This application has two modes, the basic scan and the advanced scan. You can use the basic scan, and for this, you don’t need to root your phone but to use the advanced scan the phone must be rooted. The basic scan allows you to recover only your deleted photos, but the advanced scan can help you to recover all kinds of files.


Dumpster is a recycling app for Android devices. Once you install this app in your Android device, it will automatically make a backup of your data, and in case you lose any data the app will recover it for you. The Dumpster is a very popular app, and more than 30 million people have downloaded it. Dumpster runs in the background of your device and makes copies of your photos. No internet connection is required to recover the images, it takes the mobile phone’s space to backup your photos. This application is easy to use and supports more than 14 languages.


It is one of the best photo recovery apps for Android devices. If you are looking for an app to get your deleted photos back, then you must consider this application. This app does not act as a recycling app, and you can recover deleted photos from your phone’s internal storage as well as the SD card. You can even recover those photos that were deleted before installing this application. The interface of DigDeep is straightforward to use and understand. You just have to start the scanning in the app, and the app will take a few minutes depending on the file size you want to recover. Once the scanning process is done, you can recover your deleted images, but the quality of the photos will not be exactly the same as deleted photos. So, this flaw may disappoint you.


Undeleter is one of the best Android applications to recover your deleted photos. The best thing about this app is, it not only allows you to recover your photos but you can also recover other files too. You can recover your files either deleted from the internal storage or SD card of your Android device. You can use Undeleter without rooting your Android device, but this app works perfectly when you root your device. So to use this app to its full potential, you need not root the device. This app allows you to recover your files, data, and hard drive damage. The file recovery feature helps you recover files such as images and videos. Data recovery allows you to recover lost messages or data from other apps. The hard drive damage function will enable you to delete any data that is stored in your Android device.

Deleted Photo Recovery

You can recover your deleted photos using this app. Deleted Photo Recovery app is capable of retrieving the images deleted either from internal memory or SD card. Once you install this app, it will start scanning for the deleted images that can take several minutes depending on the storage size of the deleted picture.

These are some of the best Android apps to recover your deleted photos, and we strongly recommend that you must give them a try. It would be best if you continuously took a backup of your data so that you can recover your files even if you lose them.

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