Best Android Development Tools for High Performing Apps in 2022

As per the latest statistics, there are 2.9 billion apps available on Google Play. The number of android users in the world has reached 2.5 billion in 190 different countries.


All these numbers suggest Android app development is a lucrative and in-demand skill. And due to its market worth and need, there are different tools available for Android development.

Top Andriod Development Tools

However, if you have recently decided to learn android development, you would like to know what are the best tools for it. Or maybe you have already used some old-fashioned tools for android development and want to try out modern, advanced ones.

In this article, I’m going to name 9 different android development tools you can use today for developing high-performing android apps.

So, shall we start?


1.Android Studio

When talking about android development tools, you can’t keep Android Studio out of the discussion. Created in 2013, it’s the no.1 android development tool.


With an official integrated environment for Android app development, it lets you write code, debug, and test with ease.


The best bit is, it’s completely free and enjoys vibrant support from thousands of Android development community members.



Next on the list is AIDE. Basically, it’s an Android IDE through which you can create an Android app on your Android device. Not only can you write the code on your phone or tablet but also run it, test it, and debug it.


If you’re a novice developer, this is a great option for you to get started with Android development. Android Studio or other advanced environments can be difficult to comprehend.


The only downside is it doesn’t support Kotlin, which is fairly new. You will have to rely on Java and C/C++ for creating your first app.


3.IntelliJ IDEA

Intellij IDEA is a java based integrated development environment used for creating Android apps. It’s developed by JetBrains and is available in two different editions: Apache 2 Licensed community edition and Proprietary commercial edition


IntelliJ IDEA is considered a good alternative to Android Studio and is mainly used for creating simple apps. It is fast and comes with a variety of development tools including smart code completion, instant code analysis, refactoring, and JetBrains plugins.



LeakCanary is a memory leak detection tool. The role of this tool in android development is it automatically launches and notifies you of every memory leak in your Android application. Also, there’s a built-in stack trace available that helps you to rectify problems.


5.Unity 3D

Developed by Unity Technologies, Unity is a cross-platform game engine. Unity 3D offers a wealth of features for creating graphically intensive and VR/AR games.


As compared to Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA, Unity provides more tailed-to-game-development tools for storytelling, next-level performing profiling, real-time rendering, and much more!



6.GameMaker: Studio

Another tool for developing Android games. Game Maker: Studio has everything a game developer would require to create 2D games with precise code.


The tool has a user-friendly interface with simple drag and drop options. For novice developers, it’s a great tool to start practicing some game development and gain some confidence.



Just like web applications, mobile applications, too, need a server for user authentication and synchronization of user data across multiple devices. And if you want to build such a server, you must have great coding skills and knowledge of the back-end architecture.


Google’s Firebase is a back-end service platform that you can use instead of developing everything from scratch. It has essential services like analytics, crash reporting, user authentication, and cloud messaging for free. It has both freemium and premium services.


Even if you go for a free plan, you still get services like real-time NoSQL database, file hosting, and static website hosting.



Genymotion is an Android emulator. This tool is used in the testing phase. It helps you to preview the same application on over 3,000 device scenarios. The tool comes with pre-installed standard Android images and graphics that come in handy in the testing process.


As compared to testing an app on an actual Android device, you enjoy much faster speed while testing it on Genymotion.


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Instabug is another tool for beta testing and bug reporting. It lets beta testers and user groups share screenshots and error logs with each other. This way, the whole team is on the same page and the testing process becomes smooth.


This tool is used by some of the top names in the tech world including Yahoo, PayPal, Lyft, BuzzFeed, and Mashable while working on their projects.


It’s a paid tool but worth using given the comfort and accuracy it brings in the development phase.



In the modern programming world, you can only excel if you have hands-on experience working with the best tools. Be it mobile app development or web development, the better the tools the more accurate, fast, and functional your final product will be. By using the above-mentioned nine tools, you can be proficient in Android development.


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