Best Applications to Customize Windows 10

Windows 10 is an efficient operating system that is stable, fast, secure, easy to use, and offers some great customization options. You can change your desktop background, alter colors for your Windows and backgrounds, and customize the Start menu and lock screen, and much more.

In this article, we will mention the best customization applications to customize your Windows 10:

Customizer God

One of the most consistent flagship features of the Windows operating system is its icons. Customizer God offers you a lot of icons to choose that can help you to customize various classic icons like Start Menu and battery power. Customizer God provides a very intuitive and easy to use interface.

WinAero Tweaker

The WinAero Tweaker offers you various customization options that make your operating system more intuitive. You can make simple changes, like being able to stop the word “Shortcut” from the new shortcuts you create. The app allows you to make other aesthetic changes that give you a richer experience of personalization.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

The Ultimate Windows Tweaker allows you to customize various aspects of your Windows 10 operating system. You can also customize your Windows 7 and Windows 8. The app gives you access to more than 200 different tweaks like tweaking the performance of your system, security optimization, and taskbar customization.


Rainmeter allows you to do detailed customization of your Windows 10 operating system. Rainmeter’s “Skins” enables you to make different kinds of changes, all the way up to redesigning your Windows completely. The app has a steep learning curve that gives you more than just changing your desktop’s wallpaper features. The app also offers beginners Skins for new learners.

MyFolders Windows Explorer Extension

The MyFolders Windows Explorer Extension focuses on one aspect of customization and does it efficiently. The app enables you to navigate your Windows 10 by putting all your system files just a click away. You can access all files in the MyFolders icon in the menu which you can expand to access all system directories and perform basic commands like Copy, Move and Open, etc.


Fences offer some great customization options for your Windows 10. The app allows you to create a group of apps on your desktop that you separate from other apps by fencing them off. The feature enables you to put relevant programs in little Android groups that you made.


TileCreator is one of the most preferred apps for Windows 10 to customize your tiles. The TileCreator app offers impressive personalization options like changing the style of your tile icons, background color change, and set themes to link other tiles to create a more sorted look.

Classic Shell

Classic Shell enables you to give your Windows 10 operating system a classier look like Windows 7. The app also offers you a shell icon where the Start button used to be. The app also enables you to customize your whole Windows 10 Start Menu. You can create a classier look with modern features with Classic Shell.


Windows 10 offers you a lot of customization options to personalize your Windows experience. You can take full control of your operating system by using the applications as mentioned above. These applications enable you to do important customization like features upgrade, redesigning, and many more.


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