Best Applications to Track Your Favorite TV Shows

Nowadays there are a lot of other options available other than television to keep ourselves entertained.  Various streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and others are dominating the entertainment market. These streaming services offer such an extensive catalog of movies and series that sometimes we miss some excellent content.

In this article, we will mention some applications that you can use to track your favorite shows:


Trakt application works across all major platforms, including Kodi, VLC, Plex, Netflix, Android, iPhone, and Windows. Through Scrobbling, Trakt enables you to track your favorite TV shows. You can also rate the TV shows and express your view with other users too.

Next Episode

Next Episode is available on both Android and iOS. Next Episode offers personalized recommendations based on your viewing history, and you can also track what other users of the app are watching.

Just Watch

Just Watch offers an extensive list of shows of almost every streaming service. Just Watch breaks the content into different categories like genre, age rating, IMDB ratings, and more. Such categorization of content lays down the content in a simple and easy to use manner. To access more features, you can sign up and create an account on Just Watch. The app also asks various questions about your viewing preferences that improve their personalized recommendation feature.


TeeVee 3

TeeVee 3 is an iOS-compatible app to track your favorite shows. The app also enables you to export your favorite shows to the Apple Calendar. Once you export your favorite show, the app blocks all spoilers from future show descriptions for a better viewing experience.


TVTime app enables you to track your favorite shows on both Android and iOS phones. The app allows you to provide reviews while watching the show and reading other user’s reviews. You can also access articles, videos, and podcasts related to your favorite shows. You can also build your personalized Watch List that TVTime can then track for you. The app also offers upcoming shows on various streaming networks.

Series Addict

The Series Addict app gives you a detailed overview of your favorite shows and an easy to use personal guide that can help you track your favorite shows and suggest what episode you should see next. The app is only available on Android smartphones.


Seriesguide helps you in keeping track of the shows you have watched and which you haven’t. You can add your favorite shows in the app with easy navigation. You can track your favorite shows, rate them, and give comments. Seriesguide also enables you to keep track of upcoming shows.


Hobi is an easy to use and lightweight app that helps you in tracking your favorite shows. You can download Hobi on both Android and iPhone. You can add your favorite shows in the app, and then it sends you the notification about new releases. You can also customize notification settings about how long in advance you want to know about upcoming releases.


We live in an era of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and many more. But after subscribing to these services, we often lose track of our favorite shows and movies. You can also track your history with video services, but that’s not an intuitive experience. As mentioned above, the apps will enhance your streaming experience by monitoring your favorite shows for you for both Android and iOS users.

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