Best Blog Hosting Providers for Beginners in 2019

These days it’s pretty hard to find a reliable and sustainable web hosting provider. Every third-party host has its pros and cons, so we can’t choose a host merely by considering one or two factors. If you are a beginner and want a reliable product and customer service, then we would recommend you to go for a popular and secure service provider. At the initial stage, you shouldn’t take a chance by choosing a newly arrived hosting company. If anything goes wrong with your new hosting, then your hard work can be wasted, and you might even lose the hope for success. That is why we do not recommend a budget service.

Here are the details of the best hosting sites of 2019 for beginners.


It is one of the oldest and most reputable web hosting companies in the whole world. Hostgator has won the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Currently, it has 800000+ customers worldwide. HostGator was founded on 22 October 2002 and has been offering trustworthy services to customers ever since then. You can go for HostGator with your eyes closed. Moreover, if you purchase the plan during the sale season, you will get bumper discounts such as straight 55% off on all plans.

They provide top-class customer service and numerous hosting plans as well. Your content and data will be kept safe in HostGator encrypted servers. If you are planning to open an extensive blog, then there is no one else who can offer such security and credibility for your blog.

There are many connectivity options to set up your HostGator web hosting with a domain name. You can appoint your domain name to the hosting via Name Servers or CNAME.

Want a free and reliable hosting for your new blog? If so, then start a free blog on Blogger. A Google product that stays 24/7 active, and never faces downtime.

If your plan is to create a popular blog, then Blogger can be the best platform and web host. The Google server can hold and manage a large amount of traffic at once without even minor errors. Some popular websites and blogs use Blogger as their web host because it is the best platform to get your AdSense approved. Once the Adsense is approved on your website, you can easily use the same Adsense account to set it up on the WordPress blogs.


It is one of the most popular sites to share your short blogs and content. It is created for microblogging, which is an art of sharing a short piece of content with the audience. If you want to try out your writing and author skills on the web, then you can start a blog on Tumblr. You can connect a domain name to your Tumblr blog for free.


Are you going to start up a new online business such as eCommerce stores and more? If so, then give a try to Squarespace. A blogging platform for small business owners that enables you to manage your eCommerce site and blog from the same place. It comes with a simple drag and drop website builder, so you don’t have to be a techy genius in order to start a blog.

The website builder offered by Wix works like a charm. It will help you to create a website in a few clicks. It is entirely safe for beginners and professionals the same. You can choose hosting and domain plans with a monthly and annual based subscription. deserves a place in the list of best web hosting services for bloggers.

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