Best Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Netflix Experience

Netflix has been one of the greatest companies to surpass expectations this global pandemic. It had made the epidemic induced lockdown more bearable with entertaining web series and movies. Netflix can be streamed across many platforms like television, Android smartphones, or iPhone. You can also watch Netflix on a desktop or laptop. Watching Netflix through the web can increase your Netflix experience even better.

In this article, we will mention some Chrome Extensions for a better Netflix experience:

Netflix House Party

The House Party extension allows you to watch your favorite movies with family or friends from different locations. It gives you a party URL that you can share with your friends and the movie will automatically get synced with their devices. You can also chat with your friends in real-time with their chat-box.

Netflix Flip

Mac users cannot flip their screen while watching Netflix, but the Netflix Flip extension allows you to rotate your screen while watching Netflix for more comfortable binge-watching.

Netflix Hidden Category

Netflix has a secret list of categories with more than 27,000 subgenres. Netflix Hidden Category extension allows you to explore these hidden categories, and you can also save your favorite genre for easy navigation for the next time.

No-Netflix Originals

Apart from providing streaming services, Netflix also spends billions of dollars on their own production house. Some of the Netflix originals are great hits, but some of them are best to avoid. For people who are not a big fan of Netflix Originals can use the “No-Netflix Originals” extension for a better viewing experience.

Super Netflix

Super Netflix extension comes with a lot of cool features to improve your viewing experience. You can access custom subtitle control, video speed options, and better video streaming quality. It also eliminates the spoiler alert by blurring the show info on your screen.

IMDB Ratings for Netflix

Whenever you want to know about the performance of a movie, you check IMDB ratings. Netflix ratings are based on our viewing history rather than the actual performance of the movie. With this Chrome extension, you don’t need to visit IMDB to know about the ratings of specific movies and web shows. This extension enables Netflix’s thumbnails to show a score consisting of IMDB rating and how many people have voted on it.

Netflix Classic

Netflix Classic disables the auto-playing videos, Who’s Watching prompt, and hover effects. This Chrome extension takes you to a dedicated title page for each video.

Netflix Hangouts

Netflix Hangouts extension makes your screen look like a conference call with your favorite series running on the bottom right corner of the screen.


Ultrawidify allows you to remove black bars on the ultra-wide videos and gives options to adjust the aspect ratio of your screen.


There is no free VPN option available that can unblock Netflix, except Ultrasurf. You can easily unblock the geo Netflix with Ultrasurf. You can easily add this extension without any registration and charges.

Netflix Pause Removal

Netflix displays an “Are you still watching” prompt that requires manual action to remove it. Netflix Pause Removal extension automatically bypasses this prompt without any manual confirmation.

Netflix Tweaked

Netflix Tweaked extension disables the auto-play function of trailers on the homepage of Netflix.

Language Learning with Netflix

Language Learning with Netflix extension enables you to learn different languages while watching your favorite shows and movies. You can see subtitles in two languages which allows you to compare the original audio with the translated one. You can also listen to subtitles and adjust the playback speed. It also offers a pop-up dictionary, and it suggests the essential words to learn while watching.

Final Words These Netflix Chrome Extensions can significantly enhance your viewing experience. They can be easily installed and loaded with a wide variety of features to make your binge-watch experience much better.

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