Best Clothing Brand in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the biggest global markets for fashion, encompassing wholesale and retail alike. Dubai and other UAE markets are known for their evolved customer tastes owing to the diverse population of expats, cosmopolitan outlook and the presence of the biggest brands in the region as well. As a result, there is intense competition amongst multiple brands in the clothing segment for a piece of the pie. One of the best clothing brands for women is owned by the Al Maya Group which owns UPF and several other entities in this space. The Group is known for having introduced multiple leading brands into the UAE over the last few years. The Group has abundant infrastructure along with sizable production facilities as well. The vast retail network that it possesses along with its wholesaling expertise puts it in a highly strategic position as well.

The Group has strived to make UPF one of the best clothing brands in Dubai and other markets in the UAE. Al Maya Group was founded in the year 1982 by L K Pagarani, a visionary business founder and the Group is headquartered in Dubai with more than 5,000 employees today from 30 diverse countries and working in different business divisions. The brand is known for its expertise in retail, supermarkets, FMCG distribution for non-food and food products along with having processing plants in several countries including India and 90+ retail stores in the GCC and UAE. This includes the vast lineup of supermarkets, Paperchase and Borders while it also has considerable warehousing space and infrastructure. There is more than 1 million sq. ft. in warehousing space along with 10,000 shoppers per day and counting in tandem with 15,000 deliveries each day. There are more than 100 baskets and 50+ supermarkets along with 100+ offices.

UPF is one of the best fashion wholesalers in the Middle Eastern region and this associate entity offers the best apparel for women, men and children to the biggest UAE hypermarkets. With stringent quality control approaches, the brand aims at ensuring affordable yet highly fashionable products for the whole family. The brand has also introduced various global names to the region as a distributor including Dollar, Levi’s, Byford and Fruit & Loom.

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