Best Cloud Storage Options to Increase your Storage

The internet is stuffed with lots of data for our consumption. In 2020, there were around 40 zettabytes of data available on the Internet. We access this data every day and save it on our devices that end up filling our device’s storage.

Cloud storage stores data on the internet through a cloud computing provider who manages data storage. Cloud storage has replaced the traditional ways of storing data on hardware. To expand your storage, you can use various cloud storage services.  In this article, we will mention some best cloud storage options you can use in 2020:

IDrive Cloud Storage

IDrive is the most reliable option for storing your data, whether it’s your data or business data. It offers 5 GB of free storage, and it has a total storage size of 5TB.

Features of IDrive

  • IDrive has a very user-friendly interface and it can backup all your PCs, Macs, mobiles, and tablets with a single account.
  • IDrive offers various plans for personal, small business and enterprises.
  • It can back up huge servers as well as personal devices.
  • Its snapshots and versioning feature provide a historical view of your data for protection against ransomware.
  • Its web-based console helps you in managing data backups, application settings, and remote computers.
  • It can secure your entire computer by performing a sector-level backup.
  • Your data is secured with 256-bit AES encryption using a user-defined key.
  • It automatically recognizes the modified parts of files and backs them up.
  • It shows activity reports, backup status reports, and shared reports.

pCloud Cloud Storage

pCloud offers lifetime subscription with a very easy to use interface. It offers 10 GB of free storage and has a total storage size of 2TB.

Features of pcloud:

  • You can share links and invite users.
  • It has TLS/SSL channel protection, and it comes with 256-bit AES encryption for all files. You can also add an extra layer of encryption for enhanced security.
  • It automatically syncs your camera roll and offers HDD extension through pCloud Drive.
  • You can create backups from Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, OneDrive and Google Drive.
  • It has an in-built video and audio player.
  • You can upload big files with some bandwidth limits.
  • With their family option, you can share your storage with your four family members.

Zoolz Cloud Storage

Zoolz offers a lifetime cloud storage option for your external, internal, and network drives. It provides 1 GB of free storage and has a total storage size of 5TB.

Features of Zoolz cloud storage:

  • Zoolz has a very easy to use interface with various web management options.
  • You can also combine your cloud operations with local external storage.
  • It stores your files on 256 AES encrypted servers for the security of your data.
  • With Zoolz, there is no backup limitation. All your files will be uploaded with full upload speed regardless of its size.
  • Zoolz is an excellent tool for photographers as it can back up and generate previews for your camera photos.

Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage

Microsoft OneDrive is best for people who use Microsoft Office, and it offers 5 GB of free storage. It has a storage capacity of 6TB.

Features of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage:

  • You can access, edit and share your files on any device.
  • You can easily share your files and folders with your friends and can do a real-time collaboration.
  • If you have purchased Microsoft for your work or education purpose, you automatically get 1 TB of free space with an option to boost it.
  • You can also share your files with other users who don’t use OneDrive.
  • It is also integrated with non-Microsoft services like AutoCAD and design behemoth.

Google Drive Cloud Storage

Google Drive is an obvious choice for people who use G Suite. It offers free 15 GB storage, and it has a storage capacity of 2TB.

Features of Google Drive Cloud Storage:

  • You can store unlimited photos using Google Photos.
  • You can share your files and folders and collaborate from any device.
  • Google Drive integrates with Docs, Sheets, and Slides that allows you to collaborate in real-time.
  • You can easily collaborate with Microsoft Office users without converting file formats.
  • You can use Google’s AI to search for files and folders with unmatched speed.


Dropbox is a versatile storage option which can be accessed on multiple devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire. They offer 2 GB of free storage, and it has a total storage capacity of 3TB.

Features of Dropbox:

  • You can organize your files, documents and web shortcuts in Dropbox.
  • Dropbox offers an admin dashboard that enables you to monitor your team’s file-sharing history.
  • With their paid version, you can send up to 100 GB of files.
  • You can quickly restore, recover and rewind content.


Cloud storage enables you to manage your files and documents safely and handily. You can easily access your data from any device or any location through cloud storage. The above-mentioned cloud storage services offer both free and paid storage options. You can expand your storage by purchasing their paid version according to your requirements.

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