Best Cream for Hand & Dry Nails

The habit of biting the nails is really hard to get rid of. Eventually, the nail-bed gets shortened and weaker. I developed this frustrating habit as a child and not even soaking my hand in neem concoction could stop me. As a result, now I have paper-thin nails which tend to break very easily. Needless to say, I cannot even enjoy a good manicure on my natural nails. From calcium and collagen supplements to nail hardeners- I tried all without any results.

So, I had been extensively researching the different ways to take care of my nails so that regains strength. From what I learnt, lifestyle plays a major role in the condition of your nails and hair. Diet, daily chores, lack of hydration all can lead to brittle nails.

I started following a routine lifestyle and now after four months, I can gladly say that it has paid off. But the best boon came in the form of a hand cream which let me keep the nails and cuticles hydrated enough and contributed immensely to strengthening my nails.

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My take on nail care
Before anything else, I assessed my diet. Nails are made from keratin which is a type of protein. When the nails lack moisture, they tend to get brittle. So, I aimed to supplement my diet with protein-rich items and simultaneously keep the nails and cuticles intensely moisturized. Here’s what I followed to achieve the desired results:
·       I included a biotin supplement that was prescribed by my dietician in my daily diet. Biotin is especially known for its benefits for nails and skin which is a primary reason why it is a good source of protein to maintain both.
·       I also increased my intake of calcium-rich food and proteins like eggs, soya chunks and similar items.
·       I made sure that I dutifully drank at least 2 litres of water daily to keep myself hydrated.
·       Till they felt thicker and stronger, I maintained a shorter nail and refrained from any kind of artificial treatments like gel or acrylic manicure. Painting my nails with basic nail polish was out of the question too. The only thing I used during this four-month was a nail hardener top coat.

Apart from diet, I also made sure the right products are used. The best hand creams, cuticle oils and even choosing a good brand of nail polish can make a lot of difference. So, I invested in the best products I could find. This came with a lot of trial and error but soon I found the best hand cream from a brand called Hada Secrets Japan.

It is so rich, that a separate cuticle oil is not really needed. I like to keep any kind of makeup or skincare routine minimal and so this hassle-free solution has become my favourite product in the past few months.
The cream was actually recommended by one of my friends who had been shopping extensively from their website and is a great fan of Japanese skincare techniques.

I went through their website too before investing in the product and was intrigued by how they blended modern techniques of cosmetology with Hifu Kagaku which is an age-old traditional skincare method among the Japanese.

How does the Hada Secrets Japan hand cream help with my nail care regime?
The Ago Bay Pearls Hand cream with Shea Butter and Eight Oil blends by Hada Secrets Japan is one of its kind. It is supposedly the solution for all skin types. The formula is on a thicker side compared to other hand creams I tried but it gets absorbed quickly and completely without making your hands oily. But the moisturization and softness linger for hours which I particularly enjoyed.

Once I started using this, applying it twice daily was enough to keep the hand and the nails hydrated and moisturized. Over the months after using, it daily, my hands looked really healthy- there were no torn cuticles or chipped nails which are major troubles that I face. I am currently going through my second tube and do not intend to switch brands or products anytime shortly.

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My nails also look rosier and visibly shiny. The cream is made from superior quality unrefined shea butter that is blended with eight oils like coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, palmarosa and so on. Even for those with dry skin, a little will go a long way, thanks to this rich formulation.

The Hada Secrets hand cream is priced at INR 695 which is a little on the expensive side but considering the quality you can enjoy; the price is justified. It is also free of parabens, colourants and sulphates. You can also shop for it from Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa.
All in all, the hand cream for dry skin played a notable role in improving the moisturization and hydration of the nail and in turn, the nails became stronger over the months. Now it is strong enough to undergo an acrylic manicure I have been looking forward to for all these months. Being carefree and able to enjoy my favourite manicure session is made possible by this exceptional hand cream by Hada Secrets.

So, if you are still in two minds about whether or not to get this one, you can take my words for it and buy the cream. It works wonders and I can finally say that I have found a product I can barely criticize.

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