Best Custom application development services

Custom software and application development involves creating software for the specific purposes of your organization that will help business grow. Compared to readymade software which targets a broad range of users and requirements, custom application is designed with only your company in mind, which means it fits to your business and can accelerate your processes in ways that readymade solutions cannot. This custom application is designed to address precise needs within an organization as contrasting to more traditional, standard software used by the masses.
When to choose custom application development?
If you’re on the hurdle about whether to build a custom application for your business or buy an off-the-shelf software product, consider asking the following questions:
•    Do we have special observance or regulatory requirements that readymade software cannot meet?
•    Is privacy a greater apprehension for us than the standard organization?
•    Is your legacy system old and in need of a top notch refresh?
•    Is your application technology stack too high and now slowing down work with bogged down or bricked-in processes?
•    Does our legacy system need too many workarounds to get work done?
•    Is there a ready to purchase software option that delivers more than 80% of the functionality we require?
Your enterprise application software must adapt to your organization’s business needs, not the other way. With years of IT and a broad expertise that encompasses the latest and classic development technologies and languages, there is little that Peritos has not seen and done. Peritos offers wide range of custom application development services to deliver high quality software that moves your business forward. Peritos’ custom software and application development services include consulting, development, testing, integration, implementation, and support.
•    Software development consulting: Our expert application development and software consultants will explore and measure your business needs to decide your requirements and how Peritos can add value. Our team will also advise on potential tech, architectural design, and provide a roadmap of the custom application development lifecycle from ideation to post-development, as well as a projection of time and cost considerations.
•    Custom software and app development: Leveraging our technical ability, our teams build interactive and high-performance application that enables innovative interoperability, flexibility, and scalability. We can utilize low-code development for quick and cost-effective web app and mobile app development.
•    Legacy system modernization: To help you release greater agility and efficiency, we can adapt your bequest systems with the latest technology, whether that requires a re-code, re-architect, or extending the functionality and reach of your bequest solutions.
•    Software integration and migration: Peritos’ application integration and migration services facilitate separately built applications to work as one, facilitating modern functionalities and efficiencies that boost productivity and reduce costs. We can help integrate or extend an on-premises solution with cloud-native capabilities to attain a workflow that modernizes your business infrastructure and supports dynamic business processes.
•    Post-deployment training: Training and knowledge transfer is one of the cornerstones for successful deployment and adoption of any custom solution. At your instance, we will develop and implement an effective training plan that reduces push-back and trepidation from unaccustomed users. This might include “End User” and “Train the Trainer” sessions and documentation, thereby raising the rapid adoption of the custom software by all users.
•    Managed services: Peritos offers exceptional post custom application development support as part of the customer promise we make to all our clients. We offer assorted options like 24/7 tele-support, patches and new releases, ongoing training and maintenance, as-needed technical consulting, and next generation strategy as well.
Benefits of Building Custom Applications:
There is no such thing as perfect software. No matter what configuration you want while buying software off-the-shelf, there will always be inefficiencies, a lack of specific features that your business requires, and/or the need for some data management to connect your software stack. Custom software or custom applications present huge advantages over standard solutions, especially if you’re looking to overhaul your business process management and digital transformation initiatives. By working with a custom application or custom software development services provider, you can build scalable web and mobile applications that fit your business needs and put you in control to get better efficiency and save time, cost, and effort. Feel free to reach us today to have your custom application development done.

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