Best Custom Socks

Best Custom Socks

As a personal product, socks can not only protect the health of the feet but also play a role in fashion decoration. In recent years, customized socks have become the core products of fashion and are loved by more and more people. These colorful and unique socks can easily match different styles and themes according to the occasion and shoes.

The customized socks are beautiful, fashionable, and trendy, satisfying the daily travel and matching needs of the influxes, and fully showing people’s personality and characteristics, which are becoming more and more important in people’s lives.

Clearly mark the type of socks to be customized.
Make sure the size and length meet your requirements.
Patterns are not allowed on the toes and cuffs of knitted socks, and patterns on the toes and cuffs of sublimation socks are not allowed.
List the packaging method (if there is a label, another special packaging, etc.).

Among them, color is the key point we need to pay attention to:
The number of colors used in the design will affect the performance of the socks. The general rule is that up to 6 colors are used in the design of a single performance skirt socks, and up to 5 colors are used in the design of a single sports socks (including the main body, heel and Heel, toe, and top color). Some designs can be made in more than 6 colors, please contact us.

Generally speaking, the simpler the design, the better the performance of the socks.

We are a professional socks manufacturer of customized socks, with more than 9 years of customized experience, and provide more than 100,000 customized designs for overseas markets.

We have a wide range of socks, not only can produce sports socks, sports socks, sublimation socks, baby socks, and other ordinary socks, but also can produce special socks such as tight socks, fuzzy socks, twisted socks, and glass stockings. and many more. All the socks you want can be done in one factory.

In addition to the above content, our following advantages are available for reference:
Minimum quantity-100 pairs of knitted socks and 360 digital printing socks for each design/size/color.
Turnaround time is shorter-sampling 3~7 days, production 2~3 weeks.
Multiple colors —— More than 1,000 stock yarn colors and customized dyeing, which can match 4 to 5 PMS colors.
Can provide technology-84, 96, 120, 144, 168, 176, 200 needle machines.
Packaging —— Custom-designed packaging (labels, tags, gift boxes, etc.).
Transportation — DHL, UPS, FedEx 2 days emergency service and 7 days economic service.

Knee Socks

That is a bold fashion statement, It can definitely help to protect your legs from injuries. The personalized patterns and colors can be designed on custom knee-high socks. It is suitable for people of all ages and various shoes.

Dress Socks

Custom dress socks are suitable for all occasions, such as leisure places, commercial concourse, and wedding celebrations ceremonies, It can be casual, stylish, solemn, and serious, suitable for all people.

Elite Socks

Custom athletic socks are suitable for all kinds of ball games (such as basketball, football, rugby, badminton, baseball, etc.), you can customize elite socks based on sport types & crowd.

Printed Socks

Personalized photo socks can extremely show your personality and personalized patterns via their own perfect printing advantages.

Hidden/Invisible Socks

Custom design No-show socks are always a top choice for ballet flats, high heels, canvas, and low cut shoes, which will give you the most comfortable styles.

Baby Socks

Personalized toddler socks are environmental and comfortable, it will better protect the feet of infants, babies, and kids, etc.

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