Best Customization Applications for Android

Android is one of the most successful operating systems with 2.5 billion active devices. It comes with a lot of personalization features that can enhance your experience with Android. Android smartphones provide an enormous scope to control the operating system.

In this article, we will mention some best application to customize your Android smartphone:

SwiftKey and Gboard

SwiftKey and Gboard are the best keyboard applications for Android users. Gboard has a very simple to use interface with some mainstream features while Swiftkey is more user-friendly. Both of the apps offer many custom themes that can be accessed for free with no ads. Swiftkey offers an innovative drag-to-type function that enables you to drag your finger across letters instead of pressing them separately. SwiftKey is an excellent alternative to your traditional keyboard.


Another feature of Android that most people are not aware of is Widgets. KWGT app enables you to make your widget for different activities like RSS feeds, weather, calendars, schedules, and clocks. KWGT offers an excellent customization option that works beyond Android’s basic features, like changing the wallpaper or moving apps on your display. You can generate widgets that fit your wallpaper and screen.

Nova Launcher

Another ability that your Android smartphones give you is the customization of your launcher. As its name suggests, Launchers means where you launch your apps. Nova Launcher is a perfect home screen replacement that comes with a lot of advanced features. You can enable dark theme and night mode according to specific timings. Nova Launcher is a highly optimized app with smooth and stunning animations. Nova Launcher offers some fantastic customization options for your launcher.

Navbar Apps

Navbar application allows you to get into the operating system’s core code and make changes to the Android navigation bar. Although it’s a small twist, it creates a big difference when added to the theme that comes with the app. Navbar app offers all customization features for free. The app provides you a lot of goofy themes like watermelons, Garfield, and much more.

Custom Search Bar Widget

This customization application allows you to perform search functions other than Google platforms. The app puts a custom search bar on your home screen that enables you to search on almost all search bars and your installed applications.


Tapet has so much more to offer other than switching desktop wallpapers. Tapet uses mathematical functions to generate new wallpapers. Tapet enables you to access certain features and uses your device’s internal processor to develop a new and unique wallpaper for you. You can also link your Tapet app with other Live Wallpaper applications for more enhanced customization options.


The DCikonZ app allows you to customize your app icons on your Android smartphone. The app offers you a comprehensive catalog of impressive icon options to choose from. But to update your icons, you need a Launcher app. So make sure you have a compatible Launcher app on your device.


Tasker offers the highest level of customization among all the mentioned apps. Tasker allows you to perform more than 350 powerful tasks like automating features, creating widgets, keyboard customization, creating notifications, etc. You can also change system settings like Dark Mode, Always On Display, Do Not Disturb, file manipulation, music playback, and different ways to play around the system’s navigation tools.


Unlike the iPhone’s operating system, Android gives you a lot of customization options. The Android operating system allows you to do whatever you want with these customization tools. The bottom line is how much effort you want to put it and what you want to create.


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