Best Developer Blog for Every Software Developer

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Whether you’re a newbie developer or an expert in the field, every day presents a new opportunity to gain new insights and improve your skills. Aside from online courses and apps for you to learn and test your coding skills, there are also blogs penned by coders like you which are full of tricks and insights. Their experiences and inputs will definitely be a fruitful learning experience for you.

Want to get started? Here is interesting blog you should check out:

Yarkul – Programming Blog

This blog owner name is Yaroslav and is a side project of his. He has been a full-stack developer for over 15 years, and He is now a developer at one of the well-known company in Ukraine.

He began as way to share his software knowledge with others, and to create a helpful library of short tutorials for C#, MS SQL, Java Script, jQuery, Angular, and other technologies.

Take some time to look around, and feel free to contact his with any questions or comments you may have.

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