Disposable email is a kind of service that allows you to have any mail ID but for a temporary amount of time, and it self destructs itself after you cross a specific time limit. It is exactly like any regular email ID where you can receive and send emails, but the only difference is that it is available for a temporary period. There are various forums and services that will provide you with all the essential functions and features of an email without any spam and ads. But make sure that you don’t share any private or sensitive information using these email services.

Here is the list of best disposable email address services:

10 Minute Mail

It is one of the best temporary email services that will provide you an email address for 10 minutes so that you can sign up for any site that requires your email address for verification. By using their email ID, you will not have to subscribe to unnecessary pages, and you can save your main account from ads & spams. You can exceed the time limits to extra 10 minutes as well.


You have to create a spamgourmet account to keep your email ID protected, and you can use it to connect to different sites or apps without getting any stamp or ads in return. That’s why they call it a Protected Address. You can switch to their advanced mode to get more privacy and better features.


You will have to sign up to create a free account, or you can add your regular email ID, which will be protected and you will not get spam or ads from any sites and application. It identifies email IDs using its alias for every contact. It creates your domain name on its own, but you can also customize it easily. Choose their premium plans to get cloud space and unlock various features.


You can create multiple email IDs using the Mailinator. You can request for a free trial service before beginning. You can use their personal plans for free, where you will receive only public inboxes without logging in to any account. They provide Team Plus and Enterprise plans that are billed annually, and you will get multiple features along with free trials.


You can create multiple domains using their service, but there is no code of privacy that fits their services. If by any chance, someone else chooses the same alias as you, then both of you will receive similar emails. You can customize your domain name and don’t use any alias account, otherwise, your domain and alias can get hacked.


It provides you free services that you can use to manage all your online registrations while keeping your identity safe and anonymous. The Email ID that you create on GishPuppy forwards messages directly to your private email ID. You can create a new email ID every time you log in to GishPuppy. The aliases expire automatically after a given period.


You can copy and paste the email ID provided by Nada to register for any untrusted website or app. They ensure that your anonymity is protected, and it does not collect any data from your personal account. You get a permanent, temporary inbox after signing up, which you can access until a month before your domain name gets changed for privacy and security reasons.

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