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Setting up an online store is what everyone can do easily, but taking it to a great level of success is what only a few succeed in. If you are inspired by any entrepreneur to put steps in the online marketing world full of cut-throat competition, you should consider every aspect of an online website. From what you do to how you do, every decision keeps its relevance in the setting up of an online store. You should take help from experts and learn from them about how they manage to achieve success in online marketing. Before you proceed further and invest your money, you must learn about each and every important aspect of e-commerce platforms. From website hosting, shipping management to taxes, all these are important things to consider. Any wrong decision made in haste can result in total failure. Here are some of the best e-commerce platforms for you to get started.



Squarespace is a great online platform for you to get started in the online shopping world. If you are interested in running an online store to sell goods, Squarespace is the ideal platform for you. Spacesquare’s help center provides a lot of help in the proper management of your online store. All the experts belonging to Squarespace are of great help to customers and take cognizance of the shopping website. They take care of your website and assist you in taking it to a great level of achievement. The pricing is quite affordable on Squarespace. If you are interested in opting for this online platform, you need to shell out just $18 to get started. By upgrading to a premium plan, you get tons of excellent features to customize your website according to your needs.

You have lots of templates, fonts to customize texts and many other features that give your website an eye-catching look.


Shopify is the name that doesn’t need any introduction in the arena of e-commerce platforms. It has more than one million stores and 2.1 million active users. It has sold goods worth over 115 billion dollars on its platform by now. They have various types of templates to customize the website so that customers get attracted to the website. They offer a wide range of themes for users to customize websites. Their pricing is good enough. Shopify provides you with many features that you may find good enough. Shopify has various kinds of payment methods that can be useful. With the help of their automatic image optimization, you can simply drag and drop products. Shopify lets you integrate your website to Google analytics and fetches you all the information on how well your website is performing.


Zyro is a newcomer in the world of e-commerce platforms but has established its prestige as a good platform in less than three years. Nowadays, most of the people are in love with Zyro, because developers have kept it a simple and better platform. Within two years of struggle, Zyro saw success in the e-Commerce world. It is a well-known platform and trusted name for its speedy help to its customers. If you are really looking for a great e-commerce platform that takes care of all your needs and serves you the best, Zyro may be the best platform you must choose. The pricing is quite affordable. Zyro offers tons of exciting features at a very reasonable price. If you are truly interested in Zyro, you can start your own shopping website by shelling out just $8.99. It gives you everything at such a reasonable cost, you can drag and drop to add a product through automatic image optimization. You can take advantage of colorful themes and customization tools too. You may be limited to 100 products if you buy the cheapest plan. If you upgrade to an expensive plan, you can get a live chat plugin, custom discount codes and gift cards too. Zyro is a great e-Commerce platform that offers you a lot at a nominal price.


Volusion is not so popular in the e-commerce platform but is a great one for those who wish to start their journey in the field of online marketing at an affordable price. Volusion offers you an e-Commerce store to sell your goods but doesn’t provide web hosting. They help you a lot at reasonable prices because they give you more than others can. They help you get started at less than just $26/month. Once you purchase the plan, you can start selling and customize your website with the help of additional features that Volusion’s paid plan offers. Volusion has essential drag and drop tools to customize your website in an easy way. You can set custom shipping types and prices. If you want to take advantage of the automatic shipping rates calculator, you should buy the Business plan. When you need any help from experts, it may take around an hour for any responses to come. If you purchase the Professional plan, you can directly get in touch with experts via phone. Volusion is a great e-commerce platform but has drawn criticism for not providing users with web hosting.


3dcart provides tons of excellent features and comes with several plans. The 3dcart plans are packed with all essential features. One of the features on 3dcart is SEO tools that let you rank your website higher and let your shopping store stand out from others. If you are in love with 3dcart, you may start your online shopping store now by just spending $17.10/month. The plan offers about 50 mobile-optimized themes that you can put into use to customize your website and makes it appealing to customers’ eyes. The marketing tools, shopping cart savings, and gift cards are remarkably awesome features that you can use on 3dcart. Buying the Plus plan can offer you an abandoned cart recovery feature. Scores of features make 3dcart all-in-one e-commerce platform.

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