Best Fitness Apps for Android Wear Smartwatches

How good it is when your good health goes hand in hand with your stylish look! If you are on the hunt for the best apps for your Android Wear smartwatch. There are a number of such apps available but they don’t work up to your expectations and keep you in two minds. If you are searching for the best apps that are not just suited to your needs but vital to keeping you aware of your health too, the list presented below may really help you choose the amazing apps for Android Wear smartwatch.

Google Fit

The first on the list of the best apps for Android Wear watch is Google Fit. Google Fit is the best app that has been developed by Google itself. The amazing app records all the data relating to your workouts, walks, rides, and runs. This can be greatly helpful for those concerned about fitness. It keeps a detailed record of your speed, your route, race, elevation, sleep time, weight, and nutrition. Google Fit gives you complete details regarding fitness data that it tracks using your Android Wear device. It’s not important to bring your smartphone with you as your smartwatch does the job of tracking and later sync with Google Fit on your smartphone.


Runtastic is one of the best apps widely appreciated for its speedy performance and has been popular enough among health-conscious guys. If you are health conscious and looking for a great app to know all the accurate details about how many miles you have walked, how long you have run, and how good you were at jogging in the morning, Runtastic can be a fantastic app for you. The app comes with a very simple and easy to navigate interface. Be it your walks, jogging or cycling,

Runtastic runs through GPS and tracks all your movements. It does a great job of calculating the calories that you burned while doing workouts. It also assists you in creating and reaching the desired target. It includes a time of great features such as audio coaching, live-mapping on training sessions, and so on. Apart from this, you can enjoy listening to music on Google Play Music or Spotify while taking exercise. It has more than one expects. You can try this out.


It is a well-known app for Android Wear watch. It has been widely popular among fitness lovers. It comes with a number of useful features that make it stand out from others. It is a great app loaded with tons of excellent features. To know about how well your performance was, you can navigate to the history page where you can find all the details regarding your workouts. Progression has a rest timer that lets you take rest after each interval. The app includes in the region of 300 fun exercise modules that may be very useful to you. Progression comes with several in-built workout programs that you can take advantage of to bring about improvement in your daily exercise.

Exercise Tracker

Exercise Tracker comes with a number of essential features that turns exercise into fun. The remarkably amazing app tracks your activities, count repetitions, and keeps a record of all your workouts. Exercise Tracker lets you know about calories burned by a particular exercise. Its sophisticated and advanced feature ‘Workout log and fitness journal’ helps you maintain a diary of your workouts. Exercise Tracker comes with a stopwatch so that you can set times for your workout sessions. The app has more useful features such as weight-lifting tracker, HIIT workout tracker, cardio workout tracker, and TRX training journal. It serves as both your Crossfit log and bodybuilding log too. If you want to stay in good shape and make others fall in love with your fitness, this app may help you a lot. Just follow the routine and carry on with Exercise Tracker until you reach your fitness goal.

iCount Timer

iCount Timer is the name that doesn’t skip mind when it comes to searching for a great Android app for Android Wear watch. Unlike many apps described above, it has the most appealing interface you will drool over. iCount Timer serves as both timer and counter for all your workouts. It does a great job of counting repetitions for your workout session. It comes with a slider to track your numbers. ICount Timer has been the choice of thousands for its outstanding and stylish interface design. From Crossfit training, cycling, running, interval workouts to stretching, iCount Timer does everything. The app is useful enough and can help you assess your daily performance. All these apps mentioned above may come into your use and suit your needs.

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