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Are you looking for quality-oriented floor service in Copenhagen and the surrounding area? Then you have come to the right place. Gulvkbh performs everything within sanding, planning and finishing, such as varnish, lye and oil of wooden floors. Quality in floor service in Copenhagen is our greatest competence, and we do a lot to give our customers professional advice, as we believe that it is at least as important as the quality of the finished floors.

Gulvkbh has provided professional floor sanding in Copenhagen and the surrounding area for more than 15 years – and over the years we only get better and more service-minded!

Let us handle your floor sanding in Greater Copenhagen

Do you need an advisory and professional floor man who can advise in floor sanding, floor planning and floor treatment? Then you can always call us on +45 27 40 50 60 or read more on this page.

When sanding a floor, machines with sandpaper are used, which are clamped on a roller. With a floor sanding, only 0.5 mm to 1 mm of the wood is taken. You start with a coarse-grained paper type (24 or 36), and then we run up in finer paper like 60, 80 or 120 to get a nice finish.

If you want Gulvafslibning København of the slightly coarser kind, then we would recommend floor planning with a planning machine that processes the wooden floors with knives – as opposed to a floor sanding that is sanded with sandpaper.

Gulvkbh floor service in Copenhagen

It is important not to confuse floor sanding with a floor planning, as the vast majority of floors can be satisfied with a sanding. Planing is typically used when you have an old plank floor with dark varnish / ski varnish or if the floor is very skewed or wavy. With a floor planning, 2-4 mm of the wood it is typically removed. After a floor sanding, sand for a finer surface.

Do you want advice, guidance or offers on floor service in Copenhagen? Call us on +45 27 40 50 60 and we will help you on your way to a new and better floor.

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