Best for Your makeup advice in 2022


Our favorite beauty product: An eyelash wand helps lengthen lashes, leaving them evenly and smoothly coated.


What we don’t like: Makeup sticks suck up a lot of beauty product, so be careful not to overdo it.




The sensational mascara is said to come with ten layers of bristles to dramatically lengthen lashes and fluff them up with just one coat – but the recipe is also makeable, so you can magnify the effect as much as you want.  “It’s easily one of the best slimming mascara in the drugstore because of its silicone brush,” professional beauty makeup artist Shandy Ross told InStyle.  “What it does is lengthen each eyelash while separating them for maximum clarity.”


Our favorite product: Every sweep, eyelashes will become thicker, fuller, thicker.


What we didn’t like: This two-step mascara kit might confuse those who like single, simple mascara products.




Here’s a little makeup history lesson: Cake mascara was the original mascara, which came in a jar with a separate brush.  It deposits a thick layer of product and brushes easily clean.  Winkenwerder told InStyle: “It’s hard to find a cake or flat mascara these days, but these two thickening mascara are the right ones.”  “This mascara is applied in a slightly different way, but it is the closest to the original of all the products on site.”  You apply mascara, then you apply stretching fibers, then you apply another layer of mascara.  This combination will give you thick eyelashes in an instant, so you’ll get compliments wherever you go!


What we love: This waterproof mascara lasts for hours and is cheap.


What we don’t like: Taking it off at the end of the day can be stubborn.




“You want to wish her good luck even after a long day at work and a longer night out,” said Alyssa Rodriguez, a professional makeup artist in SAN Antonio.  You need a good cleansing oil or balm to do the job.  “It doesn’t come off over the course of the day, it’s thicker, it’s bigger, it doesn’t come off even if there are too many tears (bridal party agrees).”


What we like: It creates a beautiful, natural eyelash look without flaking.


What we don’t like: It’s not waterproof and fades quickly.




“While our eyes are resilient to many free radicals, life happens, and sometimes we need a sensitive mascara to help us look great in uncomfortable moments,” Winkenwedder explains.  If you absolutely need mascara at this sensitive time of year, this is one of the best on the market.  If you don’t like makeup and want to apply mascara in a safe place, start with this product.



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