Best Gaming Accessories for Your iPhone

Gaming technology has come a long way in providing an exquisite and realistic experience to gamers across various platforms. Desktop games and console games are crossing paths with smartphone gaming and are evolving into better versions. Users can now get their hands on a sophisticated game in their smartphone store, take, for example, the Apple Store. Game quality and features have seen significant technological advancements over the years, and the iPhone gamers can enhance their experience using various accessories along with physical controllers.

The list of the rarest iPhone gaming accessories is given below.

1. Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i

This game controller for iPhone is designed to make your gaming experience better. Its form factor is solid and big which comfortably fits in the grip of your hands. The responsiveness to trigger function is excellent, and its Bluetooth button is compatible with most of the games. The joysticks, triggers, bumpers feel great and aptly respond to the input. This gaming controller is recommended for all iPhone gamers who want an all-in-one experience of handheld controllers.

2. Ion- iCade Mobile Controller

This iPhone gaming controller is a casket wherein you can place your iPhone or iPod Touch. It includes a 4-way button and a set of other controller buttons which becomes compatible with other games. This somewhat heavy controller prioritizes functionality over form and turns the touch screen gaming into a joystick-like experience. That said, it runs only retro and low GUI games like Temple Run and Ninja Up.

3. iSound Game Wheel

Drive past your competitors in a racing game like a pro with the iSound Game Wheel. This gaming accessory can be installed easily and provides a first-hand experience of driving in toughest racing games. Your iPhone can be mounted easily on the wheel, and the firm rubberized grip allows you to get the perfect hold of the steering while cornering the most dangerous roads in your favorite racing game.

4. SteelSeries Nimbus

The SteelSeries Nimbus pairs easily with your iPhone and provides a smooth sail through the game owing to its super-quick input functionality. It also has Apple’s approval seal- making it amongst the official gaming accessory. It charges using a lightning cable and provides a playtime of up to 40 hours in a fully charged mode. The Sony DualShock layout with the superior MFi controller makes it a better option to consider over other gaming pads in the same price range.

5. Homido Virtual Reality Headset V2

This premium VR set offers mobile VR experience during gaming and comes with the Google Cardboard V2, a button which is compatible with iOS and comes in handy. The two biconvex lenses of 37 mm offer an excellent view and do not fog up. The straps and adjustments are modifiable and can fit anybody. With newer tweaks, it has become easy to adjust the IPD and the focal length. The latest version also hosts a better field of view.

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