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We all know how important the gaming monitors and chairs are. You don’t want to put strain on your body after long gaming hours. Although in a gaming monitor, you can control the colour profiles, which affects the tiredness of your eyes, but gaming glasses will protect you from the blue light and you’ll be able to sleep better.  

Eye specialists often advice on not using any electronic device an hour before one sleeps, because blue light can penetrate through the retina and can affect day and night conception. Gaming glasses don’t negate the harmful effects of blue light completely but they help in reducing it. To play games without any interruption you must have a good working system for it. So if you are having any kind of problem with your system you can just visit Dell Service Center in Dombivli.

Gaming glasses are usually tinted yellow but you can also find clear glasses. Finding the right pair of glasses when there are several options available is difficult. So, we have compiled a list of the best gaming glasses for you to select from! Read the article and choose your pick.

Here are the best gaming glasses: 

Intercept- Gunnar 

Gunnar is highly reputed when it comes to making premium eyewear and Intercept is just the right example of that. They have a full rim and can fit almost every size of head. Doesn’t matter whether you are an adult or a teenager, these glasses will fit you like a glove.  

Made out of polycarbonate, these glasses assure durability and they block up to 65% blue light. They have designed the glasses in such a way that they help in preventing eye-watering. Unlike cheaper gaming glasses, these glasses do not haze.

The glasses also provide a magnification which gives you a better edge when you are playing FPS or games like that.

The only negative point we could think of is that Intercept are not compatible with headsets.

But Intercept is definitely one of the best gaming glasses in the market.  


  • Unique frame 
  • Gives a little magnification 
  • Can be worn outdoors 


Incompatible with headsets 

Orange- Gamma Ray 

The orange-golden tint on the glasses of Gamma gives a very comfortable and soothing effect to our eyes. It is one of the best gaming glasses when it comes to offering protection to the eyes. The glasses have a great nose grip compared to several other glasses making it very comfortable to wear for long hours.

Their design is unisex, making it convenient for both men and women. They also claim that their lenses can prevent blue light up to 97% which is much more than what other glasses offer. These glasses will help you sleep soundly and will prevent dry eyes or insomnia.

  Another great thing that makes Gamma Ray one of the best gaming glasses is the lifetime breakage warranty. 

The only drawback is that the material used to make the glasses can come across as cheap.  


  • Up to 97% protection from blue light 
  • Variety of warranties 
  • It is affordable 


  • The built is not up to the mark 
  • A little uncomfortable with headsets 

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The Ultra clip-on: Gameking 

These are great for people with glasses as you can just clip these on them. They are premium glasses which provide up to 85% protection from the blue light of computers and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays as well, making them outdoor glasses too.

These glasses promise comfort. We all know how difficult it is for people with weaker eyesight to buy new prescribed glasses every time. These clip-on glasses by Gameking solves that issue.

The only negative aspect would be that these glasses block some sight. Even though it is minor, the issue is still there when you clip it on to other glasses. 

Apart from that the lifetime breakage warranty and the money-back guarantee (30 days) truly makes it the best gaming glasses.


  • Clips on your existing glasses 
  • Great warranty offered 
  • Affordable 


  • Concern of blocking some sight 

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Anti-eye strain: Gamma Ray 

Anti-eye strain by Gamma Ray optics is a stylish design that offers great comfort. Isn’t that the dream? These glasses are made using polycarbonate that makes the frame durable and fits most people very comfortably. These are simple glasses but very effective. 

These glasses protect your eyes from the blue light of the monitor as well as UV lights, making it indoor as well as outdoor glasses.

Gamma ray offers great warranty and this model is no different. They have a 90-day return policy if you change your mind. Their customer service is easy to reach and you will get a full refund if the glasses are intact. One can also choose from various magnification options.

This model is affordable and is made out of plastic. The only issue would be the durability of the glasses. But with the lifetime breakage warranty, you will get a replacement.


  • Affordable 
  • Stylish design 


  • Not the most durable 

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Finding the right and the best gaming glasses can be a hassle especially if you’re new at gaming. But it is an essential asset for the protection of your eyes. We recommend Interception by Gunnar as it is truly one of the best gaming glasses out there. Gamma Ray products are also great and they treat their customers well by offering lifetime warranties.  

We hope this list helps you and you can continue gaming without worrying about your beautiful eyes.

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