Best Gaming Mice 2020 We’ve Tested

Whether you’re a casual gamer or trying to go head-to-toe in the latest sports, having one of the best gaming PCs is nothing without a reliable set of peripherals. Get the best gaming mouse that delivers durability, performance, and speed, even if it’s the best wireless mouse you need.


Invest in the best gaming mouse, wireless or otherwise, if you are looking for peripherals that give you an edge over your opponents. It is the extraordinary game specially designed to give you a game advantage that allows you to win games.


Only the best gaming mouse can deliver the precision, speed, and feature set you need to achieve that competitive advantage, along with a much better overall gaming experience. This is especially true when paired with the best gaming keyboard. Best of all, it will protect your wrist and arms from unnecessary chronic pain, as it generally offers excellent ergonomics.


Find the best gaming keyboard to complement your gaming mouse.

1.MOTOSPEED gaming mouse

This keyboard has 87 compact and portable keys, so you won’t have a problem finding a place to check your emails or play a game for a while. This keyboard has a mechanical USB stick with LED backlighting. The mouse looks great with incredible RGB lighting. It is good to play, but also to work.


  1. Roccat Cain 202 AIMO

The Roccat Kain 202 AIMO is the perfect mouse for gamers who want to keep it simple. No cables, no weight adjustment. Easy to install, it has solid battery life and saves you from having to plug it in too often. Overall sensitivity and physical feedback are good, the sturdy scroll wheel is particularly pleasant to scroll and click. It’s not the most portable mouse, but its anti-wear coating will keep this mouse looking good for the longest time of its life.


  1. Razer Deathadder V2

The Razer Deathadder V2 can be a simple mouse with a simple design. It is one of the best gaming mice out there. It offers a 0.2 ms response time, 650 IPS tracking speed, 8 programmable buttons, and a Razer Speedflex cable. It is also quite light and allows you to reduce hand and wrist fatigue. And don’t give this simple design a slap either, because it makes this mouse look just as good in the office as it does in your gaming setup. Best of all, it has a durability of 70 million clicks, which means it grabs you. it will last a long, long time.


  1. SteelSeries Rival 710

When it comes to the best gaming mouse, features, balance, and performance are present in the SteelSeries Rival 710, ensuring it is at the top of our list. This monster gaming mouse is a bit pricey, at least when it comes to performance. Everything is modular, right down to the sensor, so you’ll never feel like you’re missing out on the latest technology.


  1. Razer Viper

There are several reasons why the Razer Viper is our new favorite sports gaming mouse. Along with the lightweight ambidextrous design, true 16,000 DPI lighting, and Razer Chroma, this mighty little mouse also offers 1000Hz ultrapolling optical mouse switches for 70 million clicks and 8 independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons. If you want a gaming mouse to give you that extra competitive advantage, you can find it here.


How to choose the best gaming mouse

While you can certainly find the best gaming mouse of your dreams, it may take some time and effort. This is to be expected. There’s a lot of complicated technical jargon in the best gaming mice – terms like request rates and DPI ratings that a regular buyer may not know about. For the record, you want a larger number of the two, although these two terms have very different meanings.


For those who are new to the world of PC gaming, when they come across the term DPI, it means “dots per inch”. The higher the number, the wider the area in which you can indicate mouse sensitivity. If you don’t have a lot of desk space but still want precision and precision, pick the best gaming mouse with a higher DPI ratio that you can switch to a lower DPI in case you have one. bigger office.


Ergonomics, especially left-handed users, and RGB lighting are other important factors to consider for the gaming mouse.

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