Best Gong Cha Bubble Tea Variety

From slushes to smoothies to lattes to coffee, Gong Cha offers a tremendous variety of options when it comes to beverages. While their menu has expanded quite a bit, they are still most known today for their Bubble Tea. As a matter of fact, they do it better than anyone else on the market today. Whether you choose to add their delicious boba, which is freshly baked every 4 hours, or not, there is no choosing wrong with their incredible Bubble Tea selection. Gong Cha is the provider of the best bubble tea on the market, and one only needs to taste it to know it to be true.


Their signature Milk Foam Series is what made them a household name in the US. Their signature foam is creamy and lightly salted. It sits like a cloud on top of the delicious, smooth tea. Swirl it a few times with a straw, and it is one of the most heavenly beverages that a person could ever put in their mouth. With Green, Black, Oolong, Earl Grey, Wintermelon, and Dirty Brown Sugar Milk Tea, the sky is the limit at far as choice is concerned.


For some added pizazz, add their signature tapioca. As stated above, it is freshly baked every 4 hours, which guarantees that they are providing the highest quality product. There isn’t one Bubble Tea on their menu that doesn’t taste fantastic with the added Boba. This is especially true of their Milk Tea Series. If the Milk Foam Series has a great variety, then their Milk Tea Series Menu takes the cake (or the tea).


So, it is not only the quality of their product, but the wide variety as well that makes their brand of bubble tea the very best. The Milk Tea Series offers almost all of the options as the Milk Foam Series, but with some fun additions: Caramel, Pearl, Strawberry, Brown Sugar, etc. The list goes on and on. There is something for everyone on Gong Cha’s vast menu.


Gong Cha’s ever-expanding empire, comprised of many locations, make trying all of their fantastic options easier than ever. With as many locations as they have (and still rapidly growing), it leaves little room for doubt that they do it better than anyone else. If someone wants to know without a shadow of a doubt that they make the best bubble tea on the market today, there is no better way than for them to try it for themselves.


With all of the options mentioned above (and tons more that were not mentioned at all), a person could visit Gong Cha every day and not have the same combination twice. That leaves absolutely no room to get bored. That combined with the freshly sourced ingredients and the passion they have for serving up a quality product for their loyal customers proves that there is no one doing it quite like Gong Cha. Simply taste their passion in every single delicious drop of tea. They love what they do and it is evident in each heavenly cup.


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