Best Google Daydream Games

Daydream gives you a high-quality virtual reality experience, and there are not so many Google Daydream games available out there. Although, we have brought a list of some best Google Daydream games. Let’s have a look at them.

Avakin Life

Avakin Life is a 3D simulation game with some virtual reality elements. It is compatible with Google Daydream. It is quite a straightforward game where you have to dress up your avatar, customize it, and chat with other players. It even allows you to design your home and other stuff; you can play it for free.


Bait is a fishing Google Daydream game that provides you with a calm and soothing environment where you aim to catch as many fish as possible. It offers five different lakes for fishing, some social elements to talk to other players, and much more amazing stuff. The overall experience of this game is quite satisfying, and you can access it for $7.99.

Battle Planet

In the game Battle Planet, you have to fight some bad guys to protect a micro planet. It will give you a gun along with a robot that will help you defuse bombs. The game provides you with various other features too, such as various bad guys, boss fights, lots of weapons and upgrades, and many more. To win the battle in the game, you have to save the planet, and if the planet explodes, you will lose the game. It is undoubtedly an exciting game available for $10.99 to play.

Blade Runner: Revelation

In Blade Runner: Revelation, you play the role of a detective named Harper where you have to find and kill a rogue replicant. You will find an original soundtrack in the game, more than three hours of gameplay, and lots of things from the movie Blade Runner. It is quite a decent Google Daydream game, and you can play it for $8.99.


It is an atmospheric puzzle game where you have to move the sun so that the plants on the planet can grow. It is quite an easy game loaded with lots of features such as 38 different levels, various challenges, very soothing graphics, and much more stuff. It is quite a decent Google Daydream game that gives you a relaxed feeling while playing it, and you can access it for $4.99.

Death Horizon

Death Horizon is an excellent Google Daydream game where you have to shoot tons of zombies to survive in the game. The graphics, controls, and interface of the game are nice, and it is available for $4.99 to play.

Dr. Splorchy Presents Space Heroes

It is quite an exciting Daydream game where you aim to disable a weapon of mass destruction. Dr. Splorchy Presents Space Heroes offers you only one room to play, a decent storyline, and nice graphics. It is an entertaining game and compatible with only Daydream devices. You can play it for $4.99.

Eclipse: Edge of Light

Eclipse: Edge of Light is a mix between a puzzle and adventure games where you have to explore a planet. The game offers three hours of gameplay and an original soundtrack. The graphics are also quite decent, and you can access it for $8.99 that is quite expensive for this game.

Hunters Gate

Hunters Gate is a shooting Daydream game where you have to defend yourself from the invasion of a demon. The game provides you with plenty of things such as two different characters, power-ups, various stuff to upgrade, a local multiplayer mode, and an online multiplayer mode as well. It is undoubtedly an excellent Daydream game, and you should give it a try. You can play this game for $5.99 with no in-app purchases.

These above-mentioned Google Daydream games are so interesting, and I recommend you to try a few of them. These games will surely give you a unique experience. Thank you for reading the article.

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