Best Guitar Tuner Apps for Android

Listening to a guitar that is out of tune is unpleasant. Are you one of those who are searching for ways to tune a guitar? If yes, there is no need to worry! Now tuning your guitar is going to be as easy as ABC with the help of these best guitar tuner apps. In the past, people had to do it themselves by listening to the guitar and understanding the key, but it is now easier than you may think. Sometimes tuning a guitar is difficult for a beginner to do so for the lack of knowledge. If you want to tune your guitar, these apps below will surely help you a lot. Now is the time to have a look at these best guitar tuner apps for Android.

Boss Tuner

If you are searching for a good guitar tuner, you should consider Boss Tuner. Because of its simple and beautiful interface, it is the choice of many guitarists. With the help of Boss Tuner, You can tune a guitar and some other instruments too. Cello and violin too can be tuned using the tuner app. It is both helpful and useful for those who are in search of a good guitar tuner app. You can give it a try and know how useful it is.


The tuner is the choice of many professional guitarists. With the help of this amazing tuner, you can tune almost all instruments. Whether it is guitar, violin, or saxophone, all these instruments can be tuned easily with the help of CarlTune. Its colorful interface makes it more appealing. It is not just limited to tuning instruments but it lets you know about note, octave, and frequency of an instrument. It is an awesome Android app that you will find amazing. If you are thinking of giving it a try, you can download it for free and start using it, but ads may bother you every two minutes. To remove the ads, you may have to shell out $2.49. The tuner app is highly regarded among users. Now is the time for you to try it out.


GuitarTuna is yet another app on the list of the best tuner apps. It lets you not only tune instruments but help you learn more about tuning a guitar. It has several exercises about chords. You can learn a lot from the app. GuitarTuna is loved by many guitarists all around the world. The goodness of GuitarTuna can be gauged by the fact that it has a good rating and positive reviews on Google Play store. It offers some exercises for those who are at their learning stage. The free version of GuitarTuna comes with some limitations. To purchase a premium version, you may need to pay for it. The premium version costs $12.99.

Smart Chords and Tools

If you are one of those who are in search of a superb and outstanding guitar tuner app. The app will measure up to your expectations. You can use the app to tune almost all instruments. Be it banjo, guitar, saxophone, cello, or bass, it works for all instruments. If you are thinking of paying for a metronome app, pay for this one instead of any other metronome app as it includes metronome too. This is an awesome all-in-one app. It may help you learn a lot of things about chords and guitars. You can download it for free on Google Play store. The free version of this amazing app has some limitations that you may hate. The premium version costs $3.83 for an annual subscription.

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