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Architecture is the art of planning, building, and designing buildings.​​ Since time immemorial, man has always built something to protect himself and call it home. Architecture has been involved a lot since the olden days. Today we see many malls, shops, commercial areas, skyscrapers, beautifully constructed homes, schools, hospitals, and many more.

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  • The relationship between architecture and the environment
  • Why ​​ architecture is an art in itself
  • What influence does art deco have on modern architecture
  • The availability of different materials in ancient times led to the construction of many ancient structures and how they compare with architecture today
  • How some lifestyles influence different kinds of architecture​​ 
  • Comparison of skylines across all major cities and their reflection on their particular city’s cultures
  • Definition of Architecture philosophically, scientifically, and artistically
  • The relationship between architecture and technology​​ 
  • Importance of ​​ functionality of a building and space​​ 
  • Pros and cons of using concrete
  • How architecture has changed over the years
  • Cinema and theatre architecture
  • Skyscraper architecture
  • Designing an airport, museum, marine park, etc


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