Best Hidden Features on Samsung Gear S3 You Should Know

The Samsung Gear S3 has received widespread popularity for its tough and reliable exterior design that makes it similar to the other watches irrespective of being a digital watch. It has a vast number of features that can be used for different purposes. Along with the on-screen features, the Samsung Gear S3 is preloaded with a vast number of hidden features, that can only be recognized if your search of the functions on the watch is in-depth. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best-hidden features of Samsung Gear S3; you should know if you have opted for this watch.

Raising Your Wrist Will Wake Up Your Gear S3

The Samsung Gear S3 has an in-built battery-saving feature that turns off the screen after a set duration to save the battery and improve the battery performance. It is the main reason why some of the users prefer to enable the always-on feature on their Samsung Gear S3. But doing this will certainly decrease the battery performance of the watch. So, to avoid the battery’s consumption, you can enable the Wake-Up Gesture feature. It will wake up your watch from the sleep mode to active mode when you raise your wrist to watch the time or notifications. It can be done by clicking on the Settings, then Advanced and then simply enable the Wake-Up Gesture notification.
Save Your Precious Time with Auto-Open Apps

Generally, we press the home button, to access the apps, and there we scroll over the apps to find our specific one. You can save this time by enabling the Auto Open Apps. To enable these settings on your watch simply go to the settings, then click on the apps, then tap on the Auto Open Apps option.
Listen to Your Favorite Music without Your Handset

You can listen to your favorite music which is stored on your device, directly from your Samsung Gear S3. But what if you want to hear music from the well-recognized apps? You can do that too. The Samsung Gear S3 is Wi-Fi capable, and Spotify provides its services for Samsung Gear S3 also. So, with the help of Spotify, you can connect your Gear S3 with the music app and access songs on your watch.
Make or Receive Calls by connecting a Bluetooth Headset to Your Watch

Connecting a Bluetooth headset to your Samsung Gear S3 can be of great use. You can accept or make calls directly from your watch with the help of the headsets. It can be pretty helpful if you are in the gym or doing or while running. To enable the connections simply go to Settings, then Connections, then Bluetooth, and turn on the Bluetooth feature to connect it with your Headphones.

Take Screenshots on the Go

You can take the screenshots on the Samsung Gear S3 in a matter of seconds. It can be done by simply holding the Home button while swiping with one figure across the screen. It can be pretty helpful if you have received any important notification and you want to capture it.
Find My Device setting for Enhanced Protection

Suppose you have kept your phone somewhere and you are not able, to sum up, the place where you kept it. Then, in that case, click on the menu of the apps, there you will see the find my device option. Click on that option, and once you click on that option, your phone will start ringing loudly so that you can figure out the place where you kept it a while ago. Tap on the three dots on the right side of the Find My Phone icon and tap on Locate Phone. Once you find out where your phone is lying, simply tap on to turn it off.

Change Your Phone Modes With the Help Of Your Watch

You can change your phone to different modes according to the requirements. The Samsung Gear S3 provides three modes to which can be used accordingly. It provides Do Not Disturb mode as discussed earlier where all the notifications volumes will be turned off except the alarms. And the Theater Mode which will turn off all the notification sounds as well as notifications, and alarm or ringtones. Goodnight Mode which will have similar features except the alarms tones will work. To enable the Do Not Disturb settings on your watch, Go to Settings, then Advanced, then scroll a bit, and you will find out the three modes.

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