Best Home Inventory Apps

Keeping track of various items in your home is not an easy task, but a home inventory app can help you organize not only your belongings but also calculate the value of them. It is indispensable to keep track of what you own and the value of your belongings. Because if you face a situation when you need to replace your personal property at that time, it can be a lifesaver for you.

There are plenty of home inventory apps out there with different features and which one you should be using depends on your requirements. Here is the list of some of the best home inventory apps.


Sortly provides you with various folders and subfolders to organize your home Inventory and makes things relatively more comfortable to locate for you. You can use folders to group multiple items based on their physical location, add searchable notes or tags so that you can find the required item in seconds.

You can also record the details for the items in your home; you can add a purchase date, serial number, warranty expiration date, etc. It also allows you to add eight photos for each item so that you can keep track of the quantity and the price of the items.

Sortly also allows you to generate QR labels that can help you to find the objects in a single scan. It’s entirely free, but for advanced versions, you have to pay monthly or annually. It is available for Android and iOS.

Memento Database

Memento Database offers you more than three thousand templates to choose from to store your data. To make your inventory visually appealing, it provides you with a colorful layout and eye-popping icons to group various items in categories. It also offers you a searchable option that you can use to find the items you required. It’s available for Android, iOS, and desktop too.

Nest Egg

Nest Egg allows you to take up to 10 high-resolution pictures of each item, and scan barcodes so that you can keep track of all your home Inventory quickly. You can edit items in bulk, add warranty expiration dates, customer support numbers, and email or AirPrint the Inventory items. It also allows you to set a reminder for the things that your friends have borrowed from you. It has many other cool features that will help you to keep track of your belongings very quickly; it’s available only for iOS.


MyStuff allows you to save a significant amount of details of each item and also provide you with the bar code scanning feature, which helps you to fill the details of items automatically. It already has predefined categories and also allows you to create your categories to organize your belongings. It enables you to access all your items from any of your devices, which is another good thing about this application, but it’s only available for iOS users.

Magic Home Inventory

Magic Home Inventory is available only for Android users with various properties. It has an advanced search feature that helps you to locate things quickly; it also provides you with an import/export feature that you can use to transfer or backup your inventory to another device.

BluePlum Home Inventory

Like other home inventory apps, BluePlum Home Inventory allows you to keep track of your belongings but only available for iOS users. You can organize your items and tag them according to where they are located so that you can search the items quickly. It also allows you to add photos, videos, user manuals, receipts, and other details of the product and keep them in one place. You can also add additional information about the items, such as warranties, purchasing records, and other descriptions. It has a reminder tool too that you can use to get a notification to maintain or for other purposes so that you can organize all your home inventory perfectly.

Smart Inventory System by NonZeroApps

Smart Inventory System is a home inventory app available only for Android users that you can use to keep accurate details of your belongings. It has a QR scanning feature that can help you to search the required item quickly. It has a great backup feature and works offline too. This app allows you to add a name, quantity, description, and nutritional value of the items too. It’s an excellent app, and you should give it a try.

So these are some home inventory applications that can help you track your home inventory and organize them well. Thank you!

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